How to Get Free PUBG Mobile UC?

Free PUBG Mobile UC
Free PUBG Mobile UC

UC in PUBG stands for Unknown Cash which is a form of game currency or credit for PUBG mobile. For purchasing premium items from PUBG shops, you can make use of this unknown cash. At present, the price of each 60 UC is almost equivalent to $0.99. Players of PUBG need to spend their cash over items for in-game purchases by buying UC. You will be happy to learn that you can also get PUBG UC for free.

Here we are going to tell you some methods that you can use to earn free PUBG UC.


PUBG Mobile is an online battle royale game, played by multiple players. This game has acquired instant popularity among players for its beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay. UC in PUBG has made this game more acceptable to players as they can purchase new emotes, gun skins, new cool outfits, backpack skins, open crates, helmet skins and many more. The bigger the UC package you choose, the more benefits you can avail of. Most of the PUBG mobile players are teenagers and kids, who may not have a regular source of income. We are presenting some ways that they can use for earning UC to have a great experience of playing PUBG mobile.

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PUBG Mobile UC Giveway
PUBG Mobile UC Giveway

For getting free PUBG UC, participation in Giveaways is a popular method. Streamers, YouTubers, Content creators of PUBG mobile, players and other associated organizations and individuals usually organize these giveaways. What you can do is follow those streamers and players on a regular basis who arrange Royal Pass Giveaways or UC Giveaways on Discord, Nimo TV, YouTube, and any other platforms frequently. Classified YT, Villager eSports, MrCyberSquad are popular YouTubers who usually make arrangements for free UC Giveaways.

Thousands of players and streamers organize UC giveaways and you have to keep in touch with them for achieving free PUBG UC. Although Royal Pass Giveaways are arranged in the first week of Royal Season Pass, UC Giveaways can be earned at any time.
Note: Make sure to join genuine giveaways and try not to waste your time in participating in fake giveaways.

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PUBG mobile players, YouTubers, and PUBG apps are seen to organize custom rooms, contests, and tournaments daily for giving PUBG players a chance of winning UC as prizes. YouTubers frequently arrange subscriber games where they reward winners with free PUBG UC. Lots of Unknown Cash can be earned while a player has skills to make his team win.

You need to follow such organizers on YouTube, Discord or Instagram.  If you follow as many players on Instagram as you can, you can get updated with all custom rooms, tournaments and contests whenever the organizers promote those. Another way to earn free PUBG UC is to download apps such as PlayerZon and MPL which come with legit reviews. Through such apps, you can earn money for spending on your purchase of UC in PUBG mobile.


Playing Bonus Challenge is another way of earning free PUBG UC that is used by many of the PUBG players. You have to play Bonus Challenge for winning Bonus Coins that you can redeem for free UC Packages. First, you need to have some UC in your account that will enable you to play the Bonus Challenge. You can also win more Bonus Coins by betting Bonus Coins, by watching ads, but it is a comparatively slow method.

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Let’s discuss an interesting option for getting free PUBG UC. Google Opinion Rewards has been an amazing app by Google which enables you to earn money in your Google Play Account instead of conducting simple surveys.

  • If you are addicted to playing PUBG, first you need to download and install this Google Opinion Rewards app from PlayStore for getting free PUBG UC.
  • Then you have to log in with your authentic Google account for completing the setup process.
  • Next, you need to begin surveying. You can get a chance to earn more money by doing as many surveys as you can.
  • While you have enough money with you in your Google account, you can easily buy UC in PUBG mobile.

Just remember the followings: 

  • Turn GPS of your device always ON wherever you go.
  • Give some time for completing surveys.
  • Try to give genuine answers to survey questions.
  • You need to visit restaurants, public places, and showrooms as many as you can.

This is a slow but steady method that you can use for having free UC in your PUBG account.


You can get some references and earn apps on PlayStore that can be utilized for earning money. This money can be used for purchasing UC in your PUBG account. You just need to download and install these apps and start referring your close friends and family members to earn money for buying PUBG UC.


Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, PayPrizes, Inbox Dollar are some of the popular money-making apps that you can use for earning money. Just register on these apps and begin to complete numerous tasks such as watching videos, surveys, daily spins and so on.

For earning more money, you need to earn more points that can be done by finishing more tasks. While you get enough points, you can redeem those for PayPal vouchers.  The PayPal money can be utilized for purchasing UC in PUBG mobile.


PUBG Mobiles provides players with two types of subscription offers on a monthly basis- Prime and Prime Plus. These two come with added rewards. Purchasing any subscription appears to be more beneficial than purchasing UC directly but you have to wait a month for collecting free UC. With Prime Plus Subscription, you can also complete RP Missions and purchase Royal Pass. You can also ask your near and dear ones to give you some money on special occasions as a gift so that you can save that for spending on PUBG UC. Money can come to you through Google Play gift cards if your friends choose to gift you so.

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Getting free PUBG UC is hard but not impossible, you can earn free UC by following any of the simple methods mentioned above. Always beware of Fake websites and apps claiming to give free UC as these contain malware and are harmful to your mobile.