How to Get Free V Bucks: 110% Legit and working ways

Want thousands of V bucks for free? You are at the wrong place.

Here I won’t tell you how to get thousands of V Bucks just by performing few simple tasks.

This is not a quick rich scheme where you will get unlimited V bucks.

Here in this article I will mention some of the ways in which you will get V bucks

But the steps won’t be simple and won’t guarantee success for everyone. So let’s look into the ways on how to get free V Bucks

Battle Pass – Free vs Paid

Every Fortnite players has access to free battle pass and from there you can get V Bucks for free.

You won’t get enough V bucks from free battle pass but if you same them carefully for few seasons you will be able to purchase a premium battle pass for free.

Every season there are total of 15 tires of 100 V bucks each that makes a total of 1500 in premium pass.

Each season you will get 300 V bucks from the 3 tires in the free pass.

A premium battle pass worth 950 V-Bucks so if you save 300 V-Bucks for 4 seasons you will be able to collect 1200 V-bucks that you can use to buy a premium pass.


If you are a hardcore player then you can join tournaments that rewards you with V bucks as reward.

There are many tournament that are organized by in-game developers and many others 3rd party.

Wining is not certain so that won’t get you any V bucks. But if you really play well you will win and get rewarded with free V Bucks

Gifting or Giveaways

V bucks is virtual money that you can buy using real money.

So if you don’t have enough money you can ask someone to gift you V bucks who is playing for a long time.

If someone have enough V bucks then you can ask them to gift you that way you will be able to get V bucks for free.

Many Youtubers conducts giveaways on their channels and if you participate them than you may also win.

Not every time you will win so you will have to keep trying on every channels and join every one of them.

Redeem Codes

Redeem codes are something that you won’t get regularly. Those are dropped once in a while and guarantee amazing rewards.

Most of the time redeem codes rewards with valuable cosmetics like some skins and sometimes with V Bucks that means you should not miss them. 

As I already mentioned in the beginning that these methods won’t guarantee success but they are not fake task.

Hope with the help of these methods you will get V bucks and if you don’t then you will have to keep trying.

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