How To Get More Diamonds And Battle Points

Free Fire Hack is an amazing game that allows you to fight the thrill of hooks trying to build your home base. Your enemies are working to free the areas damaged by the mysterious storm.


The currency, diamonds and fight points in the game help make the game more exciting and fun. You can buy various accessories including Battle Pass and cosmetic upgrade from the Free Fire Hack Store.

This article will show you various ways to get more of this premium currency which will allow you to buy special items from the Free Fire Hack Loot Shop. read on.

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How To Get More Diamonds And Battle Points

Ways to Get More Diamonds and Battle Points

As mentioned, Free Diamonds and Battle Points (links to an external site.) Are very important in Free Fire Hack. The good news is, there are different ways to achieve them. Here are some of them:

Login to the game. – For every day you login, you will earn daily reward. The reward can come in the form of diamonds and fight points.

Complete weekly and daily quests – By completing these quests, you will not only earn diamonds and battle points. You can also find other types of rewards, such as Heroes, Survivors and Schematics. Each day there is at least one quest that will award diamonds and fight points. Quotations are available for both The Game and Save the World game modes. Thus, you can get free diamonds and battle points, whatever game you like to play. If you want to collect as many diamonds and fight points as possible, make sure to complete these quests.

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Include your schematics, heroes, Survivors and Weapons as well as other items in the collection book – keep in mind that doing so will use your collectibles. But, if you do this, you will get experience points in your collection book. Once you get enough points then you level up. You will also earn rewards. While there is a good chance that you will receive diamonds and fight points as a reward, this may not always happen.

If you are playing, you can level the Battle Pass of your account. You can buy one for each mode season. If you hit the target, you’ll also get other items such as expressions, characters – and of course – diamonds and fight points. If you want to know the goals, you can see them, as well as get rewards anytime. Just use the menu.

Buy diamonds and fight points using real money – The easiest way to get diamonds and fight points is to buy them using real-world currency. That way, you don’t need to do anything for the in-game currency. If you are willing to spend for diamonds and battle points, there are packages that you can choose from so that you can withdraw your money. The bigger the money you are willing to spend, the bigger the bonus you can expect to get.

Final word

Having a lot of diamonds and fighting points can make the game more exciting. The game offers some ways you can collect diamonds and battle points without spending real money. But, to make the game more fun for you, it will take some time and effort to buy the game currency. Now, if you are in a hurry to get the rewards you need, you can always buy diamonds and battle points using your own funds.