How to get Player Heads in Minecraft?

You must have seen many heads but have you ever seen a player head? Yeah! Am talking about the player heads in Minecraft that most players don’t know about that. You must have seen Zombie’s head, Skeleton’s head, Wither Skeleton’s head, Creeper’s head, and also Dragon’s head. Today in this blog, we are going to talk about the Player head.

So, basically what is the head? I know most of the readers in cyberspace may be thinking that it is ahead that is a part of the body and we can get it by killing them. Head is a substance that works in decoration. It is a little cool and most of the players want to get it. If you want to get one, then stay with me right here.

How Player Heads in Minecraft is Different from Other Head

In the Minecraft game, there are six types of heads like Zombie, Skeleton, Wither, Creeper, and Dragonhead that you can obtain by killing the corresponding mobs in some ways. If you think to obtain the Player heads in Minecraft by this way then let me stop to think you this. You cannot achieve it by killing the corresponding mobs in those certain ways.

As in the vanilla survival mode of the game has no mods which mean you cannot get the players head here. In this survival mode, some players want to drop the Alexa’s or Steve’s head for the other players which is wrong. They do this to use the trophy which is not right. If you want to get the Players’ heads then you don’t need mob here. Do you know How to get Heads in Minecraft? To obtain the player’s head you need commands or install the additional data packs. 

With the help of a player’s head, you undoubtedly can make a trophy by using the Players head as a block. You can also put it in the item frames. If you only want to make a trophy then you can use the player’s head but remember, you cannot use these heads for the fireworks because this will not be going to work.

The Way to Get the Player Heads in Minecraft

How to get Heads in Minecraft? Firstly, you need to use the necessary commands, and then you have to add the additional data packs so the hassle cannot interfere. Remember that, when you are going to obtain the player’s head then you have to be in a creative mode and have to enable cheats.

Use can use this command for obtaining the Players head 

“/give @p Minecraft:player_head{SkullOwner:PlayerNameHere}”

In the old version of Minecraft, you need to use the Command Blocks for obtaining the Player’s head.

Follow these steps to get the Player Head in Minecraft

Step-1 Open the new world that you have created and go into the creative mode and enable cheats.

Step-2 Press C to bring the command option

Step-3 Type the command that I have provided above and change the player’s name accordingly. 

Step-4 Then you just need to press Enter to obtain the Players Head.

So, these are the all-useful information that you need to know for obtaining the Players Head in Minecraft by the commands. Now you are all set to drop your player’s head in survival mode.

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