How To Go Video Viral on TikTok

The best way to gain mass brand awareness at TikTok is to reach virility by tapping into trending memes and challenges. You can fuse advertisements and entertainment (our ‘adjustable’ concept) by transforming your brand into trending posts. Your content is likely to go viral and can make it into the TikTok trend list. The beauty of TikTok is its fast-paced consumption flow that gives more opportunity to pay attention to your content, especially when it is trending, and therefore more chance for your brand to be organized with Gen Z in mind. In this guide, we tell you the best ways to get your branded posts going viral on TikTok.

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Challenges on Tiktok Video

A large amount of viral and trending content takes the form of challenges at TikTok. Tiktok challenges typically use a particular song or sound clip and are accompanied by a hashtag.
Challenges can vary from dancing, to voice clips or lyrics to lip syncing, or to comedy skits, which people re-enact. Challenges are an extremely attractive and organic format. Users will want to participate in it because it is fun and engaging, and because they have seen their friends and people who participate in it.

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One of the biggest viral TikTok trends in 2018 was the ‘hit or miss’ meme, where people wrapped up with the song ‘Mia Khalifa’ from iLOVEFRIDAY.

Hashtag on Tiktok Video

Some of the most popular trends on TikTok can be found through the search page. Most trends, memes and challenges are associated with a specific hashtag.

The trending hashtag is listed on the search page, along with the number of times it is used. You can see some of the most engaging content using this hashtag by clicking on the hashtag title.

Headliners or sponsored hashtags will often appear in the graphic banner at the top of the search page, as to attract additional attention and generate even more engagement.

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Concept on Tiktok

The Tiktok video typically explores a concept. So, if you can find out how the trending concept links to the product or service you want to sell, the content and audience already exist to be tapped on TikTok.

For Tiktok, comedy, beauty, and musical genres are most important for reaching a large audience. With this in mind, you should make your brand fit into one of these genres before using hashtags, popular picks, songs, and influences to make your content adapt to millennial.

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