How to Kill all Mobs in Minecraft?

minecraft command kill all mobs

If you are a Minecraft player and you are playing in a world of Minecraft that is stuttering continuously then you need to kill the mob first. Not all the mobs are the same. Some mobs will never be going to hurt you even you are attacking them. Some mobs are very dangerous which will be going to keep interrupting you while you are playing.  

The Minecraft game spends too many resources on the mobs so that they can keep staying around you. When you use the command to kill the mob then it will do that that fast and keep away from heating your device. 

In this blog, you will be going to see about all the Minecraft command kill all mobs. You will also get to see the supported platforms for using the commands. The commands will help you to stay away from the mobs so that you can play with amazing flexibility. Mobs are game entities that will be appearing as living creatures in the Minecraft game. 

These characters will be going to bother you during your games. The term mob is a short form of “Mobile Entity”. Some mobs can be killed easily by doing attacks but some of them can only be killed by arrows. If you don’t have any of these weapons then you can use commands to protect yourself from mobs. There are different types of mobs that you will be going to see in the Minecraft game. 

Supported Platforms for Commands


2- Pocket Edition

3- Xbox

4- PlayStation

5- Windows 10 (Bedrock)

6- Education Edition

The platforms that I have mentioned above have amazing potential to kill all mobs. These platforms are very powerful and can kill all mobs easily. You need to remember that this can easily kill your player also. 

Kill Commands for Mobs 

If you are using JAVA then you need to type /kill <targets>. Where “<targets>”. If you want to kill all the mobs you just need to type /kill. This Minecraft command kill all mobs including Armor, stands, minecarts, and also your player. If you want to protect your player from killing then type the given command for example, /kill @e[type=!player]. This command will protect your players from killing. 

If you are facing the hardcore challenge then you can use the command that is going to mention. You can use this command in any of the Minecraft servers. For example, “/kill @e [type=!player,type=!armor_stand,type=!minecart]”. 

How to Kill Mobs in Minecraft

As I have mentioned you need to just type /kill @e to kill everything around you in the game. You just can protect yourself by using these commands. If you want to protect yourself or anyone else then don’t write the name in that command that you will be going to use for killing. You just need to remember to exclude your name and your player’s name from the command so that the damage cannot destroy you and your player.

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