How to Make End Crystals in Minecraft?

how to make End Crystals
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Minecraft game is a very popular game like other games. In this game, you need ingredients to make things that can be useful for you. Don’t know how to make End Crystals in Minecraft? As with the other things, if you want to make the End Crystals then you need some recipes. When you got the recipe then you will be able to make the End Crystals in Minecraft. 

If you have already beaten at the final boss of Minecraft then you will you must have seen the End Crystals before you died. Actually, what is End Crystals? End crystals is a floating cube that you will be going to find on top of large obsidian pillars at the end. It is storing the Ender of Dragon’s health.

When it comes to killing the dragon, you need to kill the dragon anyhow. Nobody will want to lose the opportunity to kill the dragon. Every player wants to fight with him but they don’t know the way to kill the dragon. 

Every Minecraft player wants to get the End crystal but most of them don’t know the way to make it. If you want to know how to make End Crystals in Minecraft then you need to read out this whole blog. Through this blog, you will get to know about the recipe that requires to make End crystal. Want to know the recipe? Just stay tuned with me right here in this blog. 

The recipe that you are looking for, is not easy. If you will read the whole provided information on this blog then you will be able to collect the required recipe. You just need to make sure that you got all the recipes while doing the process. 

Keep care of the crystals

When you got the End Crystal, then you can use them for decoration. When you are using these End Crystals then you need to be a little aware. I said to be a little aware of these End Crystals because they are highly volatile.

Even from a little damage like a hit or even a small punch, these End Crystals can be explored. This can be the reason for big damage so that means you need to be aware when you are decorating with the End Crystals. The explosion of the End Crystals not only can be the big cause of Player’s health but it will also be the reason for the damage of structures. 

You need seven glasses if you want to craft the End Crystals. Along with the seven glasses, you will also need an eye of ender and ghast tear. You can obtain the glass by smelting some sand into the furnace. You can obtain ghast tear by the killing of ghast into the nether. 

If you need Ender’s eye then you need to be familiar and get the ender pearl with some blaze powder. When you have done all these things, then you will get to see that that recipe of making End Crystal is require some other items for the other two dimensions. 

You will be able to make the End Crystal if you get all the required recipes. You hardly need the End Crystal to get the decoration done but you also have to be aware of the damages. This can be the big reason for big damage so be a little aware when you are using End Crystal. 

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