How To Make Grass Blocks in Minecraft?

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Minecraft is an amazing game that is played by most players on the planet. This game is a sandbox box in which players get blocks. Through the block, Minecraft players can decorate and can build some materials to move ahead in the game. 

To make any materials, Minecraft players need blocks that are not going to be provided by the developers. If you want to get blocks then you need to make it on your own. For making the blocks, you need some ingredients to start decorating. the way of collecting the ingredients is not that easy, but when you know the ways then you can make it easier.

What is Grass Block?

So, grass blocks in Minecraft are blocks that have grass over the top of the dirt layer. This Grass block can be found anywhere on the planet. So that means finding the grass blocks is very easier for Minecraft players. 

Now you know the structure of the grass block but if you are thinking about the color then don’t need to think more about it. The color of the Grass Blocks will be based on the biome. The work of grass blocks is very similar to the other blocks. Through the grass blocks, you can decorate, craft, and can use them to make materials. 

How Can You Make Grass Blocks?

Thing first thing that you need to make the Grass Block Minecraft is Silk Touch Enchantment. Through this block, you can easily get the Grass Block. If you don’t have the Silk Touch Enchantment then you will not be able to get the grass layer over the top of it. Without the Silk Touch Enchantment, you will only get the Block with dirt. If you want to make the Grass Block, the Silk Touch is important to make it. 

In the second thing, you don’t need the Silk Touch Enchantment or any sort of material. If you want to make a grass block without the Silk Touch Enchantment then you need to kill Enderman. The Enderman is a character who is holding the Grass Block. if you don’t have Silk Touch Enchantment then you must fight with the Enderman to get the Grass Block.

There are only two ways by which you can get the Grass block Minecraft. If you can follow these ways then you can easily achieve the Grass Block. First, you need Silk Touch Enchantment to get grass blocks, if you don’t have this, then you need to face the Enderman who is holding the Grass Block. Facing the Enderman is the only way after Silk Touch Enchantment by which you can get Grass Blocks. 

Steps by Which You Can Make Grass Blocks

Step-1 get the dirt block of the range of 3x3x5 of the source grass.

Step-2 the source grass block needs light over the top.

Step-3 the dirt block needs light to produce the grass on it. 

So, this is the simple and easy way by which you can make the grass block. I have provided two ways that you need to follow if you want to get a grass block. Without those two ways, you will not be able to get the Grass Block. Don’t forget to read the steps also because through those steps, you will make grass blocks easily.