How to Register as CEO GTA 5

Hey people, in this blog we are going to look at How to Register as CEO GTA 5. GTA means (Grand Theft Auto online) which is a popular game. Grand Theft Auto Online is a game that is large, insane, and very complicated that’s why players love this game. This game consists of literally so many different machines and amazing quality of life features.

These life features will give you a great quantity of stuff and items while playing the GTA game. As this game gives you so many features but it’s not possible now to find and to remember all those items. So, in this blog, we are going to take you to some of the incredible features of Grand Theft Auto online that you might not know. 

If you have owned the CEO in GTA then you can skip this blog. If you still have not owned the CEO office then you can stay with me and know the process of How to register as CEO GTA 5. I will teach you the registration process with a simple and easily understandable guide. 

If you want to own the CEO office at Grand Theft Auto online then you need to purchase it first. This can be only done in the public spaces on a team session or also on the solo session. Unfortunately, this is unavailable right now in the story mode. 

Follow The Steps to Register as CEO in Grand Theft Auto

  • If you are on pc then put on your keyboard and press M. Now you need to take your gaming remote in your hand and press the Xbox button which is a small size and will appear on the left side. If you are using smartphones then you need to swipe your touchpad once you are their head to securo serve.
  • When you are done swiping for securo serve then click on the register as CEO that will be going to take some time. 
  • Now you will see the notification. The other person who is in the lobby will also see the notification that you have registered.
  • In Case, if you receive the message that you can’t register as a CEO in Grand Theft Auto. It means that you have reached the maximum number of using CEO’S and VIP’s.
  • In this case, you will need to change your session.
  • Click on the pause button and go-to online then you need to scroll it down. 
  • When you scroll it down then you will find the new session over there easily.
  • Now hit the ok button to move your process ahead.

Follow The Steps Carefully to How to Register as CEO GTA 5

You just need to follow all these steps to register yourself as CEO in the Grand Theft Auto game. If you are getting messages that you can’t register as CEO then you can change your session. When you change the session then you can easily register as CEO. 

Hope I have cleared all the important points. Read every point carefully before starting so that you don’t need to face any hassle while registering. 

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