How to Update PUBG Mobile Without Play Store?

Created By PUBG Mobile.

Hello to all the readers at cyberspace. The PUBG has now released the new update of 1.0.0 and many players are facing trouble while updating it. As you all know that PUBG is not allowed on the Play Store now so that means you can\’t find out PUBG on the Play Store app. I know that this was the very easiest way to update PUBG but as you know that Indian Government has banned this game. 

If you have this question in your mind How to Update PUBG without the play store? and still want to Update this game into your device then sit straight and read this whole blog carefully so that you don’t miss any point. Let me remind you that, if you want to update PUBG on your device then there is a way to update it but you need to have data of more than 2 GB. 

So, without further ado let’s start the topic of How to Update PUBG Mobile without the play store into your smartphones. As I am putting in many efforts for you guys so don’t forget to read every single line of this blog. 

To update the PUBG Mobile game into your smartphones, you need to download any VPN first which will not be going to take much data. VPN is available on Google Play Store so you can download it from there. 

Here, I am going to show you How to Update PUBG without play store in Steps-

Step- 1 You need to download the VPN first into your smartphones that you can easily get from the google play store.

Step-2 when you downloaded it, you don’t need to sign it up. Just click on the icon and open it wisely.

Step-3 Now you need to set the location on the country that allows PUBG to play.

Step-4 Then touch on the button to connect the VPN to your device.

Step-5 Open your Google Play Store again.

Step- 6 Now you need to sign out from the previous id and you have to sign it up by creating the new Gmail id so that you can connect it to that country where PUBG is still running by the users.

Step-7, when you sign in up then your Google Play Store, will automatically work according to that location you set on the VPN.

Step-8 Now you need to agree on the Term and conditions by clicking on the small box of the statement. 

Step-9 Go to the search bar and search for PUBG Mobile Game then enter.

Step-10 Now you will get the Update option on the screen just because of the VPN that you have used. Just click on it and update it if you have enough data to spend.

Other Trick to Update PUBG in your Device

Step-1 Go to your Chrome Browser

Step-2 Then go to the search bar and write pubg mobile apk+obb then enter. Now you will get so many results on the screen.

Step-3 scroll it down and then you will see the apk file of pubg game. You just need to click on it to move forward.

Step-4 Click on the download button.

Step-5 Now open the downloaded file and install the updated one on your device.

So, these are the two tricks with easy steps by which you can update your PUBG game into your smartphones. So go for it and update your PUBG game today.