How to Use an Ender Chest in Minecraft  

What is Ender Chest in Minecraft? Ender Chest is like a thing in which you can store your valuables to keep them safe. In comparison to the regular chests, Ender Chest has a special power. The Minecraft players use the Ender Chest for the most important things so that they can play without having to worry about the valuables inside the Ender Chest. Know the way of using Ender Chest Recipe in Minecraft given below.  

Ender Chest Recipe

You will be happy to know that, you can use more than one elder chest so that you can store as many valuables as you want. You will always have your items available that you have stored from any Ender Chests. Let yourself explore the blog and know the way to use Ender Chest in Minecraft.  

When you go to play the game then you need to fill the required items into the inventory. For the items that you are not using currently, you can store them in the Ender Chest. When you need the valuables then you can take out the stored valuables easily from the Ender Chest.   

Ender Chest Recipe 

To make the Ender Chest, the Minecraft player will need to have some Ender Chest Recipe. You need to place 1 eye of the ender and then place 8 obsidians into the 3×3 crafting grid. When you are making the ender chest then it’s important to place the Ender eye and obsidians into the exact pattern.  

Guide to using the Ender Chest  

1- need to keep more Ender Chests in Ender Chest  

If you are a Minecraft player and want to use the Ender Chest efficiently then you should have placed more Ender Chests into the Ender Chest. If you have more Ender Chests then you will be able to place the Ender Chests as you want into the area where you are working.   

When you have more ender chests then you don’t have to go back to getting the ender chests and this can save you more time. Collect more ender chests so that you can save time and can break more ender chests to place them around the base. If you know the way to use a slot then you will be able to place 64 ender chests by slot.   

2- Need to Store Essential Items, Blocks, and Tools  

If you don’t want to go back for getting the required items then you need to store the essential items, blocks, and tools into the ender chest. This will help you to avoid going back. Don’t forget to store the pickaxe because this is something that you need to have in your ender chests.   

If you want to mine far away from the base or you want to build the structure then a pickaxe will be going to be very useful. Through pickaxe, you don’t need to acquire the items or blocks to craft. You can easily focus on the project when you have a pickaxe.   

You also have to store the Shulker boxes in the ender chest because it will be going to play a major role. Through the shulker boxes, the Minecraft players will be able to identify the items that are stored inside the box.   

As ender chests can store so many things of the players. You must have stored all the valuables but don’t forget to store the cobblestone because cobblestone will help the Minecraft player to climb up the ravine.  

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