How you should get your apple watch ready for sale?

If you have been meaning to sell your old apple watch to finance your purchase of the new apple watch that has just hit the shelves, then take comfort in the fact, knowing that you aren’t alone in this. Millions of Apple watch users actually begin getting their old apple watches ready for sale, right from the moment the new apple watch is announced for launch in the market.

How you should get your apple watch ready for sale?

If you do it right, you can actually make life easier for yourself and the potential buyer. Further you can also manage to get a very decent price for your watch, once you have prepared it rather well for sale. In contravention of the belief held by most people, it is actually quite easy to get your apple watch ready for sale. This is because most of the data of the watch is already on the iPhone that you are using.

Here’s when you should begin preparing your old apple watch for sale

The best way to go about things is to wait for the arrival of the new watch before you begin preparing the old one for sale. If you end up using any other way, then you risk breaking the activity streaks along with other records. One very important point to note here is that if you intend to sell apple watch that aren’t currently using or haven’t used for quite a significant amount of time, then you can get it ready at any time and don’t really have to wait for the arrival of the new apple watch.

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First of all, you will need to un pair the watch by using the watch app on your iPhone. The app will sync all the latest data from your watch before restoring the watch to factory settings. This is actually one of the most efficient ways of saving the most recent data when you are preparing your apple watch.


Once you have managed to reset the software of the watch successfully, then you must begin looking for the most suitable buyer for the watch, who will offer you the best price for the watch in question. Here’s what you need to do finish preparing the watch for sale.

  • THE CASING NEES TO BE CLEANED :- You will need to do a lot more than merely cleaning the data on the watch that you intend to sell. To get the best quote for the phone, it is very important that you properly clean the casing with a damp cloth to ensure that all signs of dirt, oil, lint and other stains are successfully removed from every possible nook and cranny of the phone. If you intend to get the best quote for your watch then you must take flattering pictures of the same, so that a lot more people are enticed to either buy the phone or inquire more about it, from the pictures that have been posted online on various platforms. When you sell apple watch, don’t try to dubious and don’t try to hide anything because this strategy can easily backfire as no likes to feel cheated or shortchanged in today’s day and age.
  • COLLECT ALL THE BANDS AS WELL AS THE CABLES:- Make sure you put all the accessories together when you sell apple watch. This means adding the charger, the adapter and even the original box, if you still happen to be in possession of the same.Further, if you are still in possession of some watch bands that aren’t being used by you then you can add them to the overall package to ensure that the buyer feels like he has gotten a decent deal. This will help you in getting you rid of unnecessary things in your drawer as well.


We finally come to the last step, where you have successfully managed to make the watch ready for sale. Now that everything is done, you can simply go ahead and put the watch on sale on any platform where you think you will get the perfect buyer and the best possible prices for the watch in question.