– Microsoft Minecraft bug [ Fixed ] – Microsoft Minecraft bug [ Fixed ]

When users try to login a Microsoft account on the Minecraft PS4 Bedrock version, they receive a screen message at https // This error only occurs when users try to change instruments to play Minecraft.

We all know that Minecraft is a cross-platform video game. We have to log in with a Microsoft account to play Minecraft on Android, PS4, Nintendo Switch or other devices.

Before proceeding, first, we will learn about and Minicraft Remote Connect.

What is is a website that helps connect to other devices using a Microsoft account. Without code verification, we cannot play Minecraft on PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

Note: If you are experiencing a problem on Xbox, follow Xboxsetup

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Why do people face – Microsoft Minecraft bug [ Fixed ]

When users try to play Minecraft on PS4 or Nintendo Switch, they received an error message on their screen.

The error message shows the code we need to put on the website

Minecraft users often confuse it with where and how to get the code.

I have often noticed that users usually change devices or consoles for some reason. However, they like to play the same game.

Therefore, when they try to play the same game on other platforms, most probably encounter an error message.

Now, users are disappointed at first glance, and have no idea what to do?

There is much less chance that they found the solution on the Internet.

However, the solution I am sharing with you is working 100% in 2021.

You will resolve or fix your https aka MS Remote Connect PS4 or Nintendo Switch error message.

If you cannot play Minecraft with your friends, you must enable privacy at

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How to fix bug – Microsoft Minecraft bug [ Fixed ]

If you are facing an error message,, then there is no need to worry. I will help you in solving this problem.

Solution 1: Enter the code Access your Microsoft account

Follow each instruction carefully to resolve the Minecraft error on the PS4.

Step 1: Load Minecraft games to start with on PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

Step 2: Click on Sign in Access multiplayer, then link with Microsoft account.

Step 3: You will receive a message with the code and link

Step 4: Open any browser and login Microsoft account using

Step 5: Next, on the same browser, go to this web address:

Step 6: A new window will open where we have to enter the code.

Step 7: Once you agree to the terms and conditions to access everything on your game console, press Yes.

Step 8: Finally, you can play Minecraft on PS4 or Nintendo Switch, and you will not see any error message.

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Solution 2: Create a new Microsoft account

If your problem persists, then you need to create a new Microsoft account. Because when you switch consoles or devices, the Xbox often clashes with the PS4. Therefore, you are getting an error message https aka ms remoteconnect.

How to create a new Microsoft account?

  • Open the Microsoft official site.
  • Click Create a new account. Minecraft login ps4

I know you have a Microsoft account, and you want to login to PS4. You should only use a Microsoft account that you want to associate with the Playstation network. You will not allow any other Microsoft account to be linked to your PS4 account.

Step 1: To get started, open the home screen of the Minecraft game.

Step2: Click on Sign in with Microsoft account.

Step 3: Next, the screen will provide you an 8 digit code and go to

Step 4: To sign in, enter the code with the following instruction. minecraft login nintendo switch

I know that many users cannot log into a Microsoft account on Minecraft for Nintendo Switch when they put the code in the site, they will not be logged in. They have to log in again and again.

My simple solution is that when you enter the code in, wait a minute and do not exit the code tab on the switch.

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General Question:

Question 1: Minecraft Microsoft account failed to login ps4.

Answer: There are some things you can do. Many users are getting the message, “We tried to sign you into your Microsoft account, but something went wrong.” My advice here is to reinstall the game on PlayStation. Then, try to login again.

Question 2: is not working

Answer: Okay, you need to create a new Microsoft account to connect if https // does not work. In addition, the new account will help you solve the problem. After creating a new account, follow the above steps.

Question 3: aka MS Account Settings

Answer: If you want to play multiplayer games on Xbox, then you have to follow some settings. For more details, go to https // settings.

Question 4: Is aka MS Remotectone safe?

Answer: Yes, https aka ms remoteconnect is a secure website. It is provided by Microsoft, which allows to play Minecraft on various platforms such as PS4, Windows and Nintendo Switch.

Question 5: Where do I put the code?

Answer: When you click on the link, you will see a box. You will need to put a 6 or 10 digit code on that box.

Last word

I hope you have solved https aka MS remotectone on ps4 or nintendo switch. I mentioned all the possible things that help to not allow to work.

If you still have a problem or are stuck somewhere, leave a message in the comments section.