Huawei Donate 7 Crore to PM Care Fund

Source : Huawei

Chinese telecom gear maker Huawei said it has donated Rs 7 crore to the PM-CARES fund and six other states directly to support the fight against COVID-19 or the coronavirus epidemic in the country.

Huawei recently offered to share with Indian authorities technical solutions such as remote temperature monitoring to help prevent the spread of Kovid-19.

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Huawei India CEO Jay Chen then told ET, “We are working on solutions to apply our learning and experience from China to the current situation in India and face Kovid-19 with new technologies such as remote temperature monitoring Helping to do. “

The company said 5G + thermal imaging, which supports fingering monitoring, can accurately monitor the temperature of a moving object in real-time without contact and ongoing alerts. The technique was implemented to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in China, it said.

“We offer Huawei in India to work with the Indian government, industry and local ecosystem to contribute to fighting this recent epidemic based on our social responsibilities”.
Telecom operators like Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio have already contributed to the PM-Cars fund.

Reliance Industries Limited had announced a donation of 500 crore rupees to the PM CARES Fund to support the country’s fight against COVID-19.

Bharti Enterprises and its companies – Bharti Airtel, Bharti Infratel and others – are also contributing more than Rs 100 crore to India’s fight against COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

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Why did Huawei fund India.

Huawei is a Chinese company and is funding India. This means India’s goverment will give contract to Huawei because it has funded India. India is a powerful country where any company makes 1000 times more profit. If a company gets an opportunity to work in India, that’s why most companies do their business in India. Most of the Chinese companies are running in India and are making crores of profits.

Huawei is also a Chinese company that works in India. At this time, things of China are being boycotted. Keeping this in view, Huawei gave Rs 7 crore to the PM Care Fund to protect itself.

Huawei’s Rs 7 crore fund is trending on Twitter