HuniePop- How To Unlock All Secret Characters?

Characters are a vital stage of every advanced game that conveys a better path for players. 

In the chain of a battleground and video shooting game, HuniePop has its unique appearance that attracts a lot of game lovers. If you are still worrying to grab and unlock all the secret characters of HuniePop then stay connected to this post till the end. Today we open a brief guide for you that will navigate to unlock all secret characters.

HuniePop- How To Unlock All Secret Characters?

What are all the secret characters of Huniepop?

As we already know about this game and its characters, which are mostly related to women. So these characters monetize the game on a different level. Some basic secret characters of HuniePop is given below: 

  • Venus
  • Kyu Sugardust
  • Celeste
  • Momo
  • Lola Rembrite
  • Nora Delrio
  • Sarah Stevens
  • Candace Crush

Before we go ahead in this post it should be compulsory for us to understand how the above characters monetize this gameplay. A couple of HuniePop is about the characters you can continue dating, so throughout this article, we’re going to put them all together. 

Currently, Area Unit 13 has completely different characters, Area Unit Cosmic Twelve has been dating frequently, so queue your love fairy guide. All characters have dates, favourite gifts and drinks and their own series and answers series with their Most Wanted and Mist Wanted features. We’re going to create special guides for almost every character, as we have a tendency to play through the game.

Kyu Sugardust-  Kyu has a slender physique with a hook-like hip and a huge. He had indescribable eyes piercing through his pink, pig-tailed hair that stretched over his shoulders. His hair also has 2 fancy silver antennae. Her default dress is a pale pink and white baby-doll with intimate wear paired with a purple butterfly motif on the front. She is wearing a white collar with a pink choker, which has a red heart motif on the front of her. She has huge, butterfly-like clear angel wings measuring square in pink, she wears pale pink stockings that cover the lower parts of her thighs and purple ballet dancer shoes.

To unlock Kyu you can induce 5 hearts in any woman, excluding Celeste or Venus, when Q is completely out of control and complete your mini-game. After this, you will come into life in the future and continue traditionally. Once you have tried and gone, you will be greeted by a queue, the World Health Organization can let you know if you would like to know more. She then adds herself as a valuable character in Honeybee.

Venus- To unlock Venus as a dated character, the player should initial date and couple with all eight of the most (human) forged and Kyu. Upon trying to depart the player’s sleeping room once having sex with the last of the eight women, the player is intercepted by Kyu and Venus, United Nations agency can exchange many words regarding the player’s “exploits”. Venus can then introduce herself because the “final challenge” for the player, as no human has ever with success wooed her.

The deity wears a red and white gown with pure golden bracelets and laces, appreciating classical attire. Her hair is mint inexperienced and falls to her thighs; it’s accessorized with a laurel wreath fabricated from gold. Venus is buxom and sports an awfully well-endowed sand glass figure, with massive breasts and wide hips.

HuniePop allows players to avail themselves of a wide range of more than 12 characters, but the above two characters are mostly preferred by players. Hope this brief guide will help you with all the secret characters of HuniePop. 

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