ice worm subnautica – Everything you need to know to win the game

If you are in this article, then chances are you start playing Subnautica game and you meet ice worm subnautica character and don’t able to understand that character then you are in the right place, below you get complete information about ice worm subnautica.

Subnautica Game

Subnautica is an open-world survival action-adventure video game which developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, in this game player are free to explore the ocean on other alien planet. This is a game where players have to collect some resources and face creatures of this world to survive, making this game more interesting.

In this game, when you explore the world face other creatures and try to survive for more time, you meet with a character ice worm. Before you read anything about that character, keep in mind that the main objective is to explore the ocean and survive its dangers, while completing the tasks you get in this game.

ice worm subnautica

ice worm subnautica

Ice worm is an aggressive class animal of this game that you found on the ice surface. They appear to ambush predators. These creatures are subterranean creatures and they don’t swim. You can avoid these creatures in-game by using Thumper.

The ice worm in subnautica has a very long body, the top side of their body is completely covered by a thick segmented exoskeleton. The creature’s underside is bare and unprotected, by lacking any protective plating.  Their head looks like a single huge plate which tapers into a long, thick horn sticking straight out from the head. They also have horn which help them to burrow down since.

The ice worm is just live and travel bellow the surface of ice and they producing a distinct trail of pushed-up snow by a jet stream. They are attracted to noise and vibration this will surface to attack whatever produces these things.

ice worm also hunt and attack on players so when you move above snow, you have to alert because due to vibration, they understand that their target is moving above and after that ice worm attack to the player using dive attacks, pokes, and spear attacks.


If you read all the above information then I think you understand everything about ice worm subnautica, just keep in mind that this is extremely powerful animal. You have to alert them in this game, all the information given above may clear all your doubts regarding ice worm in this game. So, if you think this article provides complete information, do not forget to share this article and if possible, leave your valuable comment below.

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