How to get indre holm wealth in AC Valhalla video game

If you love action role-playing games then you may know about Assassin Creed Valhalla and one of the famous quests in which most of the player is talking is indre holm wealth. If you are also playing this game and need help to access the Valhalla indre holm wealth then you are in the right place in this article we try to explain to you some tips and tricks through which you can complete this mission. 

indre holm

indre holm wealth

Before completing this mission try to figure out how you get that wealth. There is a whole separate story located in AC Valhalla Asgard and this story raises this mission. 

Most of the players are not able to access this tracer easily by making your way to the mapmakers that pinpoint them but if you have ventured into the land in a centre of Asgard and located indre holm, then you may understand how you collect the treasure which located in this location so to understand this location and to get some important tips to read this article until the end. 

How to get the AC Valhalla indre holm wealth 

To complete this mission first of all make your way to the north of small Island in indre holm. After that look for a wooden plate which UC floating in the water jump in the water and dive down to look at the wooden barricade in the rock. 

You need to attack that rock a few times but should practice then swim and pull yourself out into the cave. Where you will see a pedestal vomiting a green light you have to follow that green light and you reach your target which allows you to pass through a doorway. 

Once you will find yourself inside the small cave there is another green Bheem to deal with the year and two more blocked doors. Once you have lined up in the beam to open the door on your left side you will again break wooden barriers and now you’re able to see some Chester inside this cave which contains Ymir’s Tear stone. 

After that, there is the next treasure at Indre holm which you can only be access during the Big Finish quest. If you reached the point in Asgard where you won’t be able to access the second Ymir’s Tear Stone. But if you are on the quest then follow Loki to locate the builder’s painter towards the south of the tower. After that use your order inside to find the spot of paint and again break the wooden barricade and fight the enemies inside then after a cutscene, Loki will help you to open a door and you will be able to see treasure glowing inside a chest which located behind the statue facing the entrance locate your Ymir’s Tear Stone and the whole treasure of indre holm wealth become yours. 


If you read this article and understand all the information and easiest to process to complete the quest of AC Valhalla Indre holm wealth, if you get complete information then not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.

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