Is the Revolter in GTA Online still worth it in 2022?

The Revolter is now available as a free-podium vehicle in GTA Online new weekly update, which is available now. To win the vehicle, players can go to the Diamond Casino and spin the lucky wheel. As we all know that there are various vehicles available in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online one might wonder if attempting to obtain the car in 2022 is worthwhile. With that said, let’s learn everything we can about the Revolter and see if it’s still worth getting. 

Everything you need to know about GTA Online’s Revolter, including whether it will still be playable in 2022. 

GTA Online

If you want to use the Revolter in the world of GTA Online then you should know every detail about this car. Check out this whole post and allow yourself to know everything about this car. 

The Ubermacht Revolter debuted in GTA Online in 2018 as part of the Doomsday Heist update during the Revolter week event. The greenhouse area and tail lights of the vehicle are inspired by the real-life Cadillac Escala Concept and the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé Concept. The vehicle has a spacious cabin and a well-built body that is narrower in the center and wider on the edges.  

The greenhouse area is further distinguished by chrome trims around the windows, which give the impression of a single curved window. Furthermore, the distribution of primary and secondary colors makes the car appear elegant. 

The Übermacht emblem can find on both the mask and the back seats. Long light strips with reverse lights are installed along the outer edges. The rear of the car is occupied by two exhaust openings and a trunk with a subtle lip. Finally, the interior features a full-black air-conditioning unit that contrasts with the chrome details, making the car look a lot like the Nero and its custom variant.

What is Special About the Revolter and What is the Price?

If we talk about the ability of this item in GTA Online then it has a Strong V8 engine that provides the car with excellent acceleration that rivals that of many other sports cars and even some supercars. It has a 6-speed transmission and AWD. The Revolter can purchase from Legendary Motorsport for $1,610,000 in the game. 

Is the Revolter still worthwhile in 2022? 

GTA Online

Despite its size, the car certainly stands out and manages to shove thru the pedestrians with little tolerance. It is very simple to continue driving and enables the operator to travel smoothly over difficult ground. The design of this car is pretty amazing. The speed of this car is faster in comparison to other few cars on GTA Online. If you are driving this car then you will also find the handing control good. Unfortunately, this car does not get the update yet even after the arrival of the update of the whole GTA Online game. 

The Driver can easily use the vehicle which can fit with two front-facing machine guns. The guns are effective against other vehicles and players, but they find it difficult against heavily armored vehicles. 

To summarise, while the Revolter isn’t as spectacular as players expect, that is still a good ride to add to your collection of cars and drive around Los Santos in style.

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