Is there any way to use TikTok in India after the ban 2021?

Is there any way to use TikTok in India after the ban?

Is there any way to use TikTok in India after the ban?


Step 1:- Paid VPN

You need a paid VPN. There are a few that provide annual subscription for as low as ₹ 1,000 with unlimited data.

Step 2:- New cheap device

The app is blocked by hardware id on mobile devices. So your only option is to ‘factory reset your device’. But the problem is not many can afford to do that as it erases all data on phone. So just get a cheap sub 4K phone with wifi. Now install VPN on that new phone and use your primary device to tether voila tik-tok would be ready for access.

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Alternate step:

If you don’t have any important data on your phone or if could back up data to cloud/SD card. Then you can factory reset your phone. That should reset your hardware-id(hw-id). Though a VPN is still needed..

As for all the negative answers about national security yada.. yada.. Our government failure with border security is not a civilian issue, it’s just like we are punished for inaction of idiots in Delhi.

Some Indian apps that have launched recently are equally as bad as Tiktok, Facebook, Google for user privacy. All these companies make money with our data, just don’t be fooled by tall claims in name of national interest.

With the ban, no new users in India will be able to download this app. However, people who have it installed in their smartphones can still access their content. There is no sure whether it will remain the same or not, thus we suggest you to download all the content created using the app on your phone. To recover all your data from Tik Tok, you can either download each video manually or you can request directly from TikTok.

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How to download TikTok data

Stap 1

Download manually

  • Open the TikTok app and go to your profile
  • Click on the video you want to download
  • Now tap on the three-dot icon and tap on save video
  • This will allow you to download that particular video to your device.
  • You can repeat this step for other videos as well

Stage 2

Request data

  • Open the TikTok app and tap on the three-dot icon at the top right corner
  • Tap here Privacy & Security> Personalization & Data> Download your data
  • On the next screen confirm that you want to request a data file. This will send a request to Tik Tok which will then download your content.
  • Once you send that request, you have to keep checking the app to check if your request has been processed; This may take 30 days
  • Once you receive the requested data, make sure you download it within four days or else the data file will expire

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Disclaimer: Although its illegal to access a site after a govt ban. If you are still inclined to proceed you are doing this under your own discretion.

Translation: Risking yourself by legal actions.

Fact: FYI nearly half the internet users do access adult sites after govt ban. This may include even the law-enforcement and netas themselves so they have a backdoor while general public don’t based on awareness.

For those who excessively treasure their safety(fear) recommend opt for vpn’s that offer a zero-log policy. Example those companies with servers in Seychelles or Panama.