Guide to complete the Joker Canister mission of Batman event in Fortnight

As we know fortnight is one of the popular video games and this game wins lots of hearts because of their existing events. One of the popular events in fortnite is the batman event and in this event you have to find the joker canisters to diffuse. 

So, if you are confused and finding some guide which show you right path to complete the mission of joker canisters, then you are in the this article that will provide you all the important instructions below. 

joker Canister mission

Batman event of fortnight

Before completing the joker canister event you need to understand about the Batman event which was launched by fortnite video game. As we know Epic games are the developer of Fortnite video game and they announced about the Batman event in chapter 2 season 9 of fortnite game. 

This different was released on October 20 21 before that players also observe Superman skin venom skin and Batman is skin in their respective events similarly and this event epic game going to launch Batman skin in a game. Now, this if it is not only for different types of skins and rewards this event also provide different types of levels and exciting tasks which win players hearts. So, read the instructions given below to understand how are you able to complete joker canisters task. 

joker canisters fortnite location

In batman event of fortnite the first thing which you need to do is find about the exact location of joker canister. To understand that location you need to complete three tasks and for this you need to keep your eyes on map. 

When you start this mission then you get lots of tasks and you need to complete them in order to do this you will reach at the stage when you get joker canister task. 

So, the exact location for the Fortnite Joker Gas Canister are:

  • Pleasant Park

In this Pleasant Park, under the gazebo structure you get the joker canister which you need to diffuse. 

  • Loot Lake

When to reach this lake then at the west side you will see a car and near that you get Rift Zone, where you find joker canister which you need to diffuse. 

  • Retail Row

In this location you have to visit exact at the middle where you find a Taco Shop and outside that shop you will see your joker canister.

  • Salty Springs

When you reach at the middle of this location you will see lots of road work and near those road work you will see joker canister which you need to diffuse and complete this mission. 

  • Fatal Fields

When you reach this location then you get a support beam on a ground floor and next to this you get giant barn and in the south of this barn you get a joker canister. 


If you read all the information given above about joker canister then I think you understand how you can complete the mission in batman event of fortnight. So, if you think this article provides you complete information about this event of fortnite then not forget to share this and if possible then leave your valuable comment below. 

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