Josh Pillault – Read Everything about his case

A video game sentenced a person to jail for 6 years. Josh Pillault is a name of a 19-years boy who got jailed for playing a video game and giving hate comments, but what is this a full true story?

If you heard about Josh Pillault and the story about his “Runescape” video game and want to know more about this case, you are in the right place. Below you get complete information about the josh pillault case in full detail.

Josh Pillault

What happens to josh pillault

josh pillault was 19-years-old on October 4, 2012, when he got an argument on the Runescape video game from another player.

After that both player started passing hate comments to each other. In that comment section, Paillault said about Columbine shooting at Oxford High School. He said, “I can’t wait to blow brains out of skull”.

Soon, the oxford police department (OPD) received two phone calls. One from a game owner company and another from a man in Virginia. After both complaints, the police started an investigation.

Josh where charged with “knowingly and willfully communicating a threat utilizing the internet, and instrument of interstate and foreign commerce, concerning and attempt to kill and injure individuals and unlawfully damage and destroy buildings and other real and personal property using fire and explosives”.

Why was Josh Pillault sentenced to jail?

According to sources, on Oct 4, 2012, Josh played a video game on his computer, which has a chat system. During communication with other players, hate commenting started in a game. Josh commented about the Columbine shooting at Oxford High School and insanely told another player to commit suicide. This is all matter where argument escalate.

Four days later, On 8th October 2012, the FBI arrested Pillault from his home in Mississippi. Police also obtained a search warrant for searching his electronic items.

According to police, they got a search warrant based on two complaints, one from a video game company owner. The complain is about Pillault hate commenting and plan to destroy other lives and property.

When the FBI searched his computer, they found numerous documents about creating bombs and other explosive devices. In Pillault’s computer, police found lots of photos of the Columbine shooting, and he also collected some columbine massacre information and profiles of famous serial killers.

In addition, on searching the search history of google and youtube, police found that Pillault has searched how to make sawed-off shotguns and other information on Molotov cocktails and other explosives.

First case on Josh is, he is knowingly and willfully communicating over the internet and second case is, he threatened to kill and injure individuals and destroy buildings using fire and explosives.

So, this is a violation of law, and the court sentenced him to 6 years of jail. According to some news media, the court do this to protects public from an insane gamer who is creating bombs.

The district court ordered a forensic psychologist to complete a psychiatric examination of Pillault and give his mental medical report.

Dr Ross discussed all history and present life of Pillault and explained in her report that he previously attempted suicide and was hospitalized for aggression and depression. So, in court, this also proved that Josh is mentally ill.

What others say about Josh Pillaut?

Before he sentenced to 6 years jail with a mental checkup, court heard testimony from his mother and two ex-girlfriends.

His GF1 confirmed that he is aggressive and described him as a bully who frequently got into fights. She said at court that Pillault has obsession about Columbine and that’s why he admire Dylan Klebold (a Columbine massacre).

2nd girlfriend said that she know him since 5th grade and he is very aggressive man with full of obsession about Columbine shoot and according to his 2nd GF Josh can truly want to attack on others. After listening to all known members of Josh Pillaut and everyone is saying that he is an aggressive man who wants to perform a Columbine shoot.

After a proper medical checkup, this will confirm that he is a mentally sick man. That’s why it is important to sentence him to jail with a proper checkup. So, the district court sentenced a jail to this teen for 6 years. But after a long time, Josh Pillaut came out from jail and uploaded a video on youtube that became viral.


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