Jules Jordan (composer) Biography

Julius “Jules” Jordan was born in November 10, 1850 in America. Jules Jordan was an American musician, operative tenor, vocal instructor, and conductor.

Jules Jordan (composer) Biography
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Jules Jordan took the lead in two important American premieres: Berlioz La ‘Demanation de Faust was built in 1880 by the New York Orcheter Society in conjunction with Stineway Hall, New York Oratorio Society under the direction of Leopold Damrose. Philharmonic Orchestra; And the “Gnodom” redemption in Boston in 1882 by the Otorio Society of Boston.

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In 1880, he formed The Arrian Club in Providence, RI. , A collective choir that he held for more than 40 years. Jules Jordan and Arian Club activities cover an important period of music development in the US, and Rhode Island has shared this activity with great interest. In a historical sense, Jordan’s most important contribution to Rhode Island music was the creation of the Ariane Club. His performances included some of the greatest singers of the time, including Melba and Lillian Nordica.

In 1895, Brown University awarded him the title of Doctor of Music.

In 1897, The New York Times featured him in the “Famous Conductors” article, “Mr. Jules Jordan is a talented musician, and many of his songs have gained widespread popularity.” Jordan’s most notable works include his musical setting Whittier’s poem, Barbara Frietchie, his dramatic scene, Yael, beginning with Lillian Nordica, and his opera, Rip Van Winkle.

His twin brother, Julian Jordan, was also a musician and singer.

Jules Jordan died on 5 March 1927.