What do gamers need to know about the newly revealed cut mission in GTA Vice City?

Despite having numerous flaws, the current GTA Vice City Trilogy contained the source code for never-before-seen GTA 5 Vice City material. Although technically it contained the source code for all three games, the focus of this essay will be on the “movie demo,” a cut mission. 


The source code appears to be an example of something that is still in the early stages of development. One can’t infer a storyline from it because there isn’t any speech or moving cutscenes. 

It’s possible that the “Cut Mission” was meant to try out a feature of the game or to connect with Steve Scott from GTA Vice City 


Recently, Vadim M published a video where he went into great detail about this removed mission. Players can check out some code and quick cutscenes in the task. What players need to know about it is as follows: 

1- “Moviedemo” is the name of it. 

2- Tommy Vercetti emerges from custody and leaves the VCPD in slow motion at the beginning of the cut mission. He eventually gets into a white automobile being driven by an unknown woman. 

3- Tommy is being followed by two NPCs in a yellow automobile. 

4- To kill the club manager, Tommy goes to the Malibu Club. There is a brief gun battle. 

5- To continue, Tommy returns to the female driver. 

6- Police start pursuing them. 

7- Tommy and the female driver are both killed when the vehicle hits some exploding barrels. 

8- A protracted cutscene appears to be where everything happens. 

It is presently unknown why this cut mission even existed. However, a few causes have been conjectured by certain gamers. First of all, it might have served as a tool to test out different game elements while they were still in the early stages of development. Second, it might have been a cut mission connected to Steve Scott in GTA Vice City. 

Stop the call from Steve Scott 

In GTA 5 Vice City, Steve Scott called Tommy to set up a car pursuit scene, but the connection was cut short. There was no automobile pursuit sequence for InterGlobal Films, therefore it was a rather brief phone call that was ultimately deleted from the game’s final version. 

According to several players, this cut phone conversation may have been tied to a “movie demo.” That cut objective contains a few vehicle chase cutscenes, however, Tommy didn’t pick up a car at the airport as was indicated by the phone conversation. There isn’t enough evidence to conclusively confirm that this film began after that scene, although it is conceivable. 

The code is not optimized, according to Vadim M’s GTA Vice City video on “movie demo.” For instance, errant automobiles moving about during some sequences can cause the game to freeze. For viewers to understand what was happening in “the movie demo,” the code needed to be modified to make it look decent. So, this is the information that every GTA player should know about the newly cut mission in GTA Vice City.

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