Stunt Jumps Locations in GTA Online and GTA V  

Stunt Jumps have been an enormous portion of GTA recreations since the 3D period started, and have continuously been a fun component of the amusement. These are covered-up slopes impelling vehicles into slow-motion jumps. There is an add up to of 50 Stunt Jumps Locations covered up all over Los Santos and also Los Santos District in GTA 5.

Stunt Jumps Locations

The Stunt Hops Collectables are required to reach 100% diversion completion and also will gain you the “Appear Off” trophy & also achievement. Below could be direct to the areas of all the 50 Stunt Jumps found in GTA 5, so that you just don’t ought to go almost looking at the complete play zone fair to total the set. Utilizing this direct will spare you both time and difficult work.  

All Locations of Stunt Jumps in GTA 5  

All through the State of San Andreas, there are 50 set hops that the player can embrace. A few bounced require the player to travel a certain separate to be considered fruitful, landing inside an assigned (unmarked) zone, whereas others require the player to arrive at the hop. Note that there are numerous other self-evident inclines and hops set up around the outline that don’t number towards the assigned stunt jumps.  

Vinewood Hills  

Little Seoul  

North Calafia Way  

Paleto Bay  

Raton Pass  

Elgin Avenue Parking Garage  

Parking Garage on Peaceful Street  

Del Perro Freeway Overpass  

Equality Way  

Rockford Plaza  

Vinewood Hills  

Mount Gordo  

South of Boilinbroke Penitentiary  

Pillbox Hill West Entrance  

Little Seoul/Decker St  

South Los Santos  

Police Station Parking Structure  

Overpass Above San Andreas Blvd  

Construction Site in Paleto Bay  

Senora Freeway  

Los Santos Golf Club  

Docks, South Port of Los Santos  

Sandy Shores  

Los Santos Freeway Flood Drains  

South Los Santos, Medical Building  

La Puerta Freeway  

Los Santos Airport  

Pacific Bluffs  

Sandy Shores Landing Strip  

Dutch London St  

Terminal, Port Los Santos  

Alternative Wind Farm in Sandy Shores  

Elysian Island  

Port of Los Santos  

South End of Port of Los Santos  

South of Jump 34 on Port of Los Santos  

Beside Jump 34  

Southern Section  

East Side  

South of Railroad  

Circular Road East  

Circular Road West  

Los Santos Drain Control  

Palomino Avenue  

La Puerta Freeway  

Del Perro Freeway  

Rockford Hills Arcade  

Rockford Hills  

Murrieta Oil Field  


Guide to using Stunt Jumps in GTA 5

Jumps enormously help by utilizing bikes due to their speed, estimate, and ease of control. A few hops are nearly incomprehensible without bikes. Franklin Clinton’s Extraordinary Capacity is additionally useful for these jumps. In GTA Online, there’s included chance as a few jumps (particularly those over water) may result in the annihilation of an individual vehicle (with consequent protections punishment) if fizzled. Upgrade vehicles, such as the Toreador with its rocket boost, cannot utilize to enroll stunt jumps.  

If the player is effective in performing a given hop, the diversion will report “Stunt bounce completed” at that point “XX Stunt Bounced remaining” or “Stunt hop completed once more”; in case unsuccessful, the diversion will report “Not great sufficient” or “Stunt Hop Fizzled”. Note that amid Mission Replays, stunt hops are not record despite the completion realistic appearing. 

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