Athena Gaming PUBG ID, Stats, and more  

PUBG battle royale title has been the most popular royale title so far. Previously this royale title was launched for mobile users but as time passed, this game expanded itself for other devices also. This game is supposed to be the leader of the game of today’s generation. The unique things and the vast world of PUBG games allow the players to go for live streaming and create unique content.   

Athena Gaming PUBG ID

Some of the content creators got big fame by using the unique content related to their PUBG gaming by spreading on several platforms. When you visit the YouTube platform then you will get to see so many videos related to games that are appearing in the suggestion list. PUBG royale title has a big contribution in giving fame and love to many PUBG players among the gaming community. We have brought Athena Gaming in today’s blog who is undoubtedly a most prominent PUBG player who impressed other communities with his gaming skills. If you are one of them who wants to know everything about Athena Gaming then stay tuned with me right here.   

Real Name of Athena Gaming and PUBG ID  

We all know him by the name of Athena Gaming in the PUBG battle royale title but have you ever heard another name? Yes! “Lee Hyeong Seob” is a name of Athena Gaming that is given to him by his parents. The PUBG ID of Athena Gaming is 694984807.   

Stats of Season 16   

When it comes to Season 16, Athena Gaming had participated in a total number of 17 squad matches. In those Squad matches, he got the victory by 3 foes that assist him in maintaining the winning ratio by 17.6 percent. He also got 10 kills in 11 that is making the KD ratio by 64.7 percent.   

In those 17 squad matches, Athens Gaming eliminated a total number of 127 foes that converted the winning percentage to 7.47 percent. He also got the average damage per second while playing in the squad matches by 1347.7 percent. Other than this, Athens Gaming had not participated in any other matches yet.   

Stats of Season 15  

In season 15, Athens Gaming had participated and complete a total number of 459 squad matches. In these squad matches, he got the victory by 39 foes that converted the win percentage of him by 8.5 percent. He got the total number of 2700 kills that made the kills to death ratio of Athens Gaming by 5.86 percent.   

YouTube Channel of Athens Gaming  

Athens Gaming created its own YouTube channel and running it with its unique content for almost 6 years. He has uploaded so many videos including the live streaming content that you can see by visiting his YouTube channel. Athena Gaming got a massive number of subscribers by 2.06 million and also got more than 155 million views. He is also active on Instagram and Twitter that you can get by searching over the internet. If you want to work on your gaming skills then you can visit his YouTube channel by which you can learn to play with strategies.   

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