Regaltos’ PUBG Mobile ID, stats

The whole of India is witnessed by the amazing content creators and the amazing players of PUBG on PUBG mobile games. This is an Asian game that is played all over the world and has been brought amazing features for PUBG players. When you are using the PUBG application then you will get to see a big competition that is running all the time whenever you open the application.   

PUBG has a vast world in which they put amazing graphics and realistic features so that the players will get a realistic experience. As you can get amazing in-game items but for this, you need to defeat the opponents also that will not be going to be easy.   

Many pro players have proved the amazing gaming skills that took them to the top where reaching is not the cup of tea for all. If you want to get success like them then you need to see the gaming videos that they upload on their YouTube channels.   


YouTube platform is not only the way to engage with so many people and shows their skills but through this way, they are earning so much. By watching their videos, the beginner in the PUBG game can know the strategies that they can use in the competition. As you all know that there are many pro players. So, in all of them, we have filtered one and we got Regalto (A popular content creator) that we are going to discuss in the remaining part of this blog.   

PUBG Game ID of Regaltos  

Regaltos is one of the most popular PUBG mobile players that has set his name on the list of amazing players. Soul Regaltos PUBG ID is- 593193849 and his in-game name is- SouLReGaLToS.  

Stats of Regaltos in PUBG Game  

Regaltos has participated and played in the Squad modes on the ongoing season in which he played a total number of 141 matches in season 14 and successfully set the kills-to-death ratio to 6.19 percent.   

In the previous season of games, he had played a total number of 900 squad games in which he successfully set the kills-to-death ratio to 5.60.   

Regaltos YouTube Channel  

After starting a professional career in PUBG, Regaltos started making content for the YouTube channel in early 2018. Regaltos made so many videos on the Mini Militia game. In a mini militia game, the player will be able to play along with friends and can make up their team. If they want to play individually then this game offers robots characters that perform automatically by which you can play individually.   

Soul Regaltos started creating PUBG related content later. He has uploaded many videos of the game that he has played on the PUBG battlefield. If you want to know about his strategies then you can check out his videos on the YouTube platform. So, from Soul Regaltos PUBG id to his YouTube channel, this blog has supported with every necessary information that you can read.  

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