Know the 5 Best 100 MB games for PC

Best 100 MB games for PC

It can be a hassle to find out the best game for your personal computer that does not take a lot of space. Nowadays, you will see many amazing games but they take up as much as 50 GB on your personal computer. You might be thinking sometimes about the games that you can easily download and play in under 100 MB. 

There are many new games that you can play easily if you have good storage on your personal computer. When we talk about this time, there is no new 100 MB games for PC. If you still want to get the games under 100 MB then you can try some old games. Those games can be old but they have amazing features which are enough to give you an amazing experience. 

Best Games Under 100 MB games for PC

1- Open TTD

Open TTD is a business game that you can play easily by getting easy controls. In this game, you will get a chance to earn money by transporting the passengers and cargo from one place to another. 

If you want to transport the passengers and cargo then you can get them from one place to another via water, road, rail, and air. you will get two modes of this game in which first is single-player mode and the second one is multi-player mode. You just need to remember that your transportation system should be stronger.  

2- Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress game is a management and construction simulation indie game where you need to build a fortress with the help of dwarves. You also need to defend your fortress from the goblins’ attack. In this game, you will get three modes to play in which you will see dwarf fortress mode, Adventure mode, and legend mode. 

3- Freeciv

Freeciv game can give you the vibes of serious civilization series. This game is a multiplayer strategy game. In this game, the players need to fight with the other players to establish their dominance and to make their civilization the best. 

4- Mortal Kombat 4

This is the popular and fourth instalment of the mortal Kombat series. This is a fighting game in which you need to fight with the other players by using a set button combination. Using the set button combination will give you more weapons to fight. 

5- Road Rash

If you are a lover of bike racing games then you can try out the Road Rash game. Road Rash game is old but it can give you an amazing racing experience. In this game, you will need to compete with many bike racers to get to your aim. You just need to take your bike to the straight path but sometimes it needs to move left and right when it’s necessary. 

All these 100 MB games for PC are the best games that you can install easily on your personal computer. Read the whole list of the top games so that you don’t need to face hassle while searching for the top games. If you have never tried these games then you need to install them into your PC. These games are old but they have amazing features that can give you a good gaming experience.  

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