San Andreas Map vs GTA v Map

Both GTA 5 and also GTA took place in the area that is known as San Andreas. Yet the maps of these two games are completely different from each other. GTA 5 game is following the best video game that is made up of realistic graphics and vibrant colors. These two maps of GTA 5 and GTA in what is supposed to be a familiar setting look surprisingly different. Read everything below to know the differences in San Andreas vs GTA v Map.  

San Andreas vs GTA v Map

However, the latest GTA Trilogy has sparked interest among the players once again. This latest mode of the game has given a new excuse to the GTA players to try out something more. After getting updated, players need to notice the differences that are making it different from GTA 5. Although, both the maps have taken place in the same area of San Andreas.   

Comparison between San Andreas vs GTA 5  

The countryside area of GTA 5 is much bigger in comparison to the GTA San Andreas MAP. The size of the former’s map is big even in the entire series. Both the games are located in the same territory. Many GTA players got attracted when the developers of GTA launched the GTA Trilogy map. Through the GTA Trilogy map, the developers extended the map even more than made the fans of GTA realize how small the map was. The recent update into the GTA San Andreas map has brought so many things for the players that made it the priority for most of the pro GTA players.   

The recent update has brought so many things but it didn’t change the size of the map. The size of the map is still the same even after the arrival of the update. The developers improved on the illusion only that is creating the illusion like the map is bigger in comparison to the previous update.   

Noticeable Differences Between GTA V and San Andreas Map  

Both the maps contained different shapes that are visible. The entire map of GTA San Andreas almost looks square. On the other hand, the GTA 5 map does not look clear-cut. The best thing about GTA 5 is, this map consists of a realistic landmass. Apart from all this, both maps got plenty of differences that are making them more popular by many players of Grand Theft Auto games.   

As comparison to the GTA San Andrias, GTA 5 map lacks in Las Venturas and also San Fierro. When we talk about the similarity between these famous maps are, both the maps are supported with Los Santos. The Los Santos is situated in the southern part of the GTA San Andreas map and another side, the Los Santos is located at the central part of the map of GTA 5. GTA San Andreas map still has Grove Street but GTA 5 improved itself in terms of realistic graphics so that players can experience realistic visuals. When we talk about the difference between San Andreas vs GTA v Map, all the maps are different from each other in terms of so many things. Both the maps got improved so much that is great in itself.   

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