Rumor: GameStop Leaked Upcoming Super Smash Bros. DLC Fighter


A recent video on the forthcoming paper Mario: The Origami King, Gametop, probably featured the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter.

Super Smash Bros
Super Smash Bros

Paper Mario: The Origami King, while giving a recent video description of Gameshop, may have inadvertently leaked the latest Super Smash Bros. ultimate DLC fighter as Super Mario RPG itself.

Recently, gaming retail company GameStop did a video discussing the upcoming Nintendo Switch title Paper Mario: The Origami King. In the video, Pamela Horton takes a slight dive into the history of the franchise, from the humble beginnings of the series with the Super Nintendo classic, Super Mario RPG.

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When discussing the game, Horton praises its excellent gameplay, fourth-wall-breaking humor, and characters. In regards to the game’s characters, she says, “I mean, there’s a reason everyone was freaking out when Geno was announced to Smash!”

This is a big deal, apparently with Geno not announced for Smash. At least, not as a fully playable character. Geno is currently a soul in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and while debuting at Super Smash Bros. for YU, he was given an MI Fighter costume. Horton could refer to Geno’s announcement as the Mii Fighter Costume, but it would be strange because it happened about five years ago, and no one was “angry” at the news at the time. If anything, fans were disappointed at the announcement and said he was fully playable. It is also unlikely that Horton was referring to Geno’s playing spirit, as it is of even less importance.

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Most likely, this information on Geno’s announcement for Smash was given to GameStop ahead of time, and it was mistakenly mentioned by Nintendo before making its formal announcement. The company is notorious for accidentally leaking further information of government announcements, leaking as well as the last of the last DLC warriors. It is possible that this could have been only a mistake in favor of GameStop, but it is unclear at this point.

Many of the smash characters that began as simple Mii fighter costumes have become full-character with examples of Animal Crossing’s Isabel, Splatoon’s Incligings, and Fire Embalm Chrome. This may very well be the same case for Geno, as fans have been very vocal about their wishes to be promoted to combat status. The Paper Mario series does not yet have a character to represent it, and Geno would be the most appropriate. Nintendo is rumored to have a direct event later this month, so maybe Geno will be announced in the meantime.

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