Levinho’s PUBG Mobile- K/D Ratio, ID Stats and Many More.

In this busy schedule of life, one where people haven’t any time to nourish their mental hygiene. Games have the Battle Royale genre grew in the mobile gaming industry, games such as PUBG Mobile and Free Fire became pioneers in the industry.

The popularity of these games paved the way for the growth of content creation, which prompted many gamers to consider pursuing a professional career in streaming and content creation.

Levinho’s PUBG Mobile- K/D Ratio, ID Stats and Many More.
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Levinho is currently one of the most popular Swedish PUBG mobile content creators in the world. In this article, we will discuss his PUBG mobile ID, statistics, K / D ratio and more become one of the great sources to swing the mood. PUBG Mobile is an infamous online game that covered a lot of fan bases around the world. Today with the help of this article we will read the most important content creator his name Levinho and Id.

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Levinho- Who is this in PUBG Mobile?

Levinho is one of the famous content creators in PUBG Mobile and his ID is- 546590561.

His YouTube channel name is similar to his name “Levinho”. His channel has a total of 10.3 million subscribers and his video clips have a maximum of 1.17 billion views. He gained a lot of subscribers and views with his hard work and poor game technology. Levinho played many versus game matches with PUBG player “Panta” and he was Levinho’s competitor.

Levinho-What are the gaming stats and source of income?

The Statistics field unit is nothing more than a statistical report of player performance in a game.

Levinho’s statistical report is considered below the squad matches because he fought 984 squad matches in this fourteenth season of the PUBG mobile game. 

And his pair does not seem to be listed as matching figures, he only gets 2 pair mode opposition matches on the Europe server. However, Levinho failed to play in solo mode. In squad mode, he won the chicken in ninety-nine of 984 matches, reborn in a seventy-nine wins-eight. 02 ratio. Total Mass Kills of Levinho and his K / D Magnitude Relationship 4.74 in Squad Match Area Unit 4663 (Kills). At this rate, he caught the Diamond III-tire in squad batch mode.

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Moreover, his income source directly comes from his YouTube channel from where he earns nearly 11-15 lakh. Apart from this, more than 10 million subscribers have been got in touch with him on his official YouTube channel. 

In Season fourteen of PUBG Mobile, Levinho has vied 984 matches in Squads within the Europe server, winning 79. This puts his win share at eight.0%.

He has racked up a powerful four,663 kills, with a dominant K/D quantitative relation of four.74. The Swede conjointly sometimes plays a couple of matches however is nonetheless to play a Solo game. The YouTuber has managed to succeed in the Diamond III-tier within the Squad mode.

PUBG Mobile is one of the best adventure games ever that allows several characters. Every player has its unique ID and stats through which they enhance the fan base related to the game.

Levinho’s is stay put in this content creation post for a long time.

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