Hottest Video Game Characters 2020   

The role of girls in recreation has recently become a touchy subject. With more strong, independent female characters making their way into the media, it begs the question of how women should be conceived. How are these women addressed in an industry dominated by men? Certainly, the majority of the girls in video games are attractive. Remove all of the talks at the door and enjoy the elegantly pleasing Hottest Video Game Characters provided here.

Hottest Video Game Characters

They must be larger than life in order to inspire the same sensation within their diversions. It’s the same with male characters, despite the fact that, for a variety of reasons, they are frequently less examined by faultfinders for their similarly obnoxious schemes. But, returning to the ladies, what makes a great female character?

Nowadays, most female players are as strong as their male counterparts. Developers do not want to wait to create eye candy for viewers to gaze upon – as much as some would like you to believe that story. The fact that they have the same sensitive and alluring features as certain Greek Goddesses is a realistic industry reality. So, rather than chastise those wonderful ladies, we’ve chosen to honor them with this list. Remove yourself from the entrance chat and enjoy the tastefully pleasing cavalcade of daring women that follows. These are the top 05 most popular video game characters. Enjoy.

List of Hottest Female Characters  

1- Rayne – BloodRayne  

Rayne took up the calling of vampire pursuit when her Vampire father killed her mother, leaving her stranded. He has one of the most horrifying backstories on this list.  Rayne, like so many badass angels in her vocation, can handle herself effectively in combat. But don’t be fooled by her lethal play; Rayne has the potential to be a knockout.

2- Jill Valentine – Resident Evil  

Zombies, blood, and intestines. That’s what people think of when you mention the Inhabitant Fiendish arrangement. Aaah and there are also hopping alarms. Hop alarms in shipments and parcels. But, aside from the horrifying and terrifying, Inhabitant Fiendish has also offered admirers a few not-so-bad eyeballs sweet for a long time. Jill Valentine, aside from being a real badass, is also the extreme young lady next door.

3- Chun Li – Street Fighter  

Over the years, the Street Fighter series has produced a slew of hulking male playable characters, but it also boasts a fair number of female warriors. While everyone has their own unique appeal, Chun-Li is the most recognizable and by far the most alluring.

4- Widowmaker – Overwatch  

Of course, everyone has a favorite playable character, but one sticks out as the most enticing in the game. Widowmaker is the epitome of a femme fatale. Overwatch has taken over the gaming community as one of the most exciting first-person shooters on the market. Its ensemble of characters, each with their own unique qualities and background, provides a well-fleshed-out universe in which payers may easily drown themselves. 

5- Catherine – Catherine  

There aren’t many games that present a dilemma as unique as Atlus’ perplex platformer Catherine. Dealing with topics such as marriage, treachery, and development, the game confronts players with a relatable struggle that is typically ignored in most regular games. Catherine is at the center of this conflict.

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