Rare Cars in Grand Theft Auto 5   

Rare Cars in GTA 5

Vehicles are an essential part of GTA Online, especially in RP. In this article, we’ll go over the top 5 Rare Cars in GTA 5 that almost no one has. Everyone can buy an Oppressor MK2 to be sad, but only a few people can get their hands on the vehicles below.

List of Top Rare Car in GTA 5 

FIB Buffalo  

It is the first on the list of Rare Cars in GTA 5. The one-of-a-kind Lie Buffalo could be a fantastic vehicle used by Government Examination Bureau (Lie) operators. They can, as previously stated, be encountered at the most elevated required levels. Whereas you’ll take one after interviewing a Lie specialist, that car cannot be adjusted or insured.

You’ll need to complete Unfriendly Takeover VIP missions to convince a permanent FIB Buffalo to stay. The one with a reachable Lie Buffalo includes the Los Santos National Airplane terminal – it should produce in one of the hangars.

Modded Dubsta 2  

The Dubsta 2, particularly the modded version, is GTA Online’s white whale. It is a very rare occurrence, and you must meet several specific requirements for it to appear. This vehicle’s production rate is extremely low – you may have to waste some time waiting.

The Modded Dubsta 2 closes a specific garage in Vinewood Slopes between 8 AM and 3 PM. Typically, the most likely area for this car to produce. It is more likely to appear during the last half of this time period, from 12 a.m. to 3 p.m. After stealing the Dubstar, you’ll be able to take it to Los Santos Traditions and make it your own. You’ll need a lot of luck to get your hands on the rarest vehicles in GTA Online.

Space Docker  

The Space Docker is a highly modified variant of the Rise Buggy with numerous “spaceship parts” integrated into its body. It’s been themed in an alien/space theme, with two thrusters on the back and two small wings. After driving down from the higher ground, you will indeed coast for a short distance.

In any case, it isn’t simple to push the Space Docker in GTA Online… because it is linked to one of the more experienced multiplayer modes in the game, Field War. You need to crush this mode to Sponsorship level 500 to unlock the Space Docker, and Field Wars halls are hard to come by these days.

Rusted Tractor  

This is frequently the worst vehicle in the game, but it is also one of the rarest. The ancient cultivated vehicle has no place near the execution of the most noticeably awful car… however, if you drive it around in GTA Online, it ought to be the centre of people’s consideration.

The requirements for obtaining the Rusted Tractor are identical to those for obtaining the Space Docker – you must have level 1000 Sponsorship in the multiplayer Field War mode. Unless you use bots, this may be impossible to accomplish in 2021.

Lost Slamvan  

The Misplaced Slamvan may be a variant of the Dull Slamvan. It can, as previously stated, be obtained by spinning the Lucky Wheel at Jewel Casino & Resort. You will be able to spin the wheel once per day, with a 14.3 percent chance of winning a secret vehicle.

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