TOP 5 Characters in Grand Theft Auto 5!

Are you a fan of GTA 5 and looking for the greatest GTA 5 characters? Well! When it comes to player preferences, most people choose to play GTA. This game is incredible and has an entire universe within it. If you want proof, search on the internet and you will see the popularity of this game.

So, without further ado, read the following post and pick your favorite characters to utilize in the game.

GTA 5 Characters

Are you a beginner in the GTA 5 world? In this today’s post, you will be going to learn about the top 5 GTA 5 Characters.   

In the GTA 5 world, a lot more things are making this game super exciting and cool such as the properties, cars, settings, and also unforgettable characters. Indeed, characters play an important role in mission structure and help to improve the gameplay. You can avail of anything that you want in the game but what is making this game super popular?

According to the large fanbase of this game, the characters are the main aspect that players love to put on the list of their priorities. Do you want to know what are GTA 5 Character and their abilities? Read below to know everything.  

Characters in GTA 5

Characters are the most important item in the game that will allow you to roam around the whole in-game world. With the help of characters, you can complete the game and can buy amazing properties.

Well, Grand Theft Auto 5 is a game that needs no introduction. There’s a lot to learn about GTA 5’s primary characters, so let’s get started. The whole list of characters may be found here.

List of Top GTA 5 Characters with Incredible Abilities  

1- Michael De Santa

Age: 49
Height: 6’2″ tall
Job: Bank Robber, Film Producer

Michael De Santa  

This character will take on the role of a thief. Concerning the cause that drove him to become a criminal. A retired bank robber is someone who used to rob banks in his previous life but quit and began living a normal life. He used to live in a magnificent mansion in Los Santos with his sweet family. They moved somewhere else after a while. But…what brings him back to the realm of crime?

His wife began to waste money on frivolous purchases, and they soon found themselves in dire financial straits. Due to his continued financial difficulties, Michel De Santa returned to his criminal life.  

2- Franklin Clinton  

Age: 26
Height: 6 ft.
Job: Robber, drug dealer,

Franklin Clinton

In Grand Theft Auto 5, Franklin is the youngest and most empathetic of the major protagonists.

He had a tough life due to a drug-addicted mother. He initially tries to make a living by working for a high-end car dealership, but he soon becomes a bank robber.

3- Trevor Philips 

Age: Unknown
Height: 6’1.25” tall
Job: Bank robber, Drug Dealer, Gun Runner, and Owner of Strip Club

Trevor Philips

He is an elderly figure who is not in good mental health. Trevor is, in a nutshell, a psychopath. This character was born in Canada and claims to have lived in 5 states, 2 countries, and 14 different residences during his childhood.

Now he works in the criminal underworld. He deals with narcotics and a variety of weaponry at one point in the game. Apart from that, he is known in the GTA 5 world as the Big Robber.

4- Lester Crest  

Age: Unrevealed
Heigh: Unknown
Job: Computer Hacker & Heist Organizer.

Lester Crest

Lester Crest is a prominent figure in the criminal businesses, as well as a chatty guy who may be an enigmatic figure elsewhere. He is an elderly figure who used to be Michael De Santa’s and the Lester Crest’s best friends. He’s also the gang’s go-to hacker, who plans and researches the majority of the theft. 

5- Lamar Davis  

Age: 27
Height: 6’7”
Job: Repo man, thief, drug dealer

Lamar Davis

Lamar Davis is known as a very good friend of Franklin. There were many debates held over the internet in which the players argued about the similarities and differences between Lamar and Franklin’s characters. Franklin is the opposing character of Lamar. You should also know that many of the players call him crazy just because of his funky look.    

Choose one of the GTA 5 characters that you like best and use it in the game to become a pro player. It’s time to rethink who counts as a hero.

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