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Indian Battle Royale Games

You’ve probably heard about PUBG and Free Fire. These are battle royale games that have become quite famous around the world. These battle royale games have soared to the top of the gaming charts worldwide, whether in India or across the oceans. Unfortunately, these titles will not be available for download. Due to Indian players’ privacy concerns, the Indian government has banned these games, as well as 52 other Chinese apps, from being utilized on Indian servers. If you wish to have the same experience as these games on other applications, look below for a list of new Indian games that are similar to your current one. 

List of Best 5 Battle Royale Games in India   

1- Swag Shooter: Online & Offline Battle Royale Game   

In the SWAGGY SURVIVOR style, win the action shooting conflict. Swag Shooter takes you on a swaggy adventure through the survival battlefields. Defeat all the enemy and become the best SWAG SHOOTER!! 

This game is readily downloaded through the Google Play Store, which is available on any Android smartphone. Installing it directly from third-party websites may degrade the quality of your device, resulting in latency difficulties. Simply download it from the Google Play Store and enjoy the same experience as other Battle Royale games. 

2- Titan Blood: Shooting Survival Battleground Games   

Titan Blood offers nonstop FPS action. With your pals, take part in the finest FPS multiplayer action. Conquer, Shoot, And Battle!! This isn’t only a game. It’s packed with action and adventure in a desolate land for modern combat. This game will allow you to earn money just by using your gaming skills. Like Free Fire, you will be able to win a variety of fantastic prizes such as Diamonds and Gold, which are in-game currencies. You will also be able to earn real money in addition to this. 

So, in the finest new free FPS shooting game, put yourself in the shoes of Titan and load up on firearms to win the game. 

3- ScarFall: The Royale Combat   

Another game on our list is Scarfall, which is a Royale Combat game. It’s an online shooting game with strategic gameplay, and it’s one of the best multiplayer games out there. You won’t have to make any compromises in your game because this game allows you to customize your squad. Yes! You can now play with your old group and fight against the opponents by coordinating your actions. 

Scarfall is the greatest mobile battlegrounds game produced in India. Discover the finest strategy action multiplayer game available on Google Play this year. 

4- MaskGun Multiplayer Shooting Game 

Join the FPS multiplayer shooting game with over 40 weapon variations, amazing maps, unique characters, and a brand-new 1v1 mode. MaskGun is a multiplayer FPS shooting game for all mobile devices. Like your last battle royale title, this game has a lot of features and incentives. 

You have complete control over your character and weaponry in this game. Go on a rampage, fight alongside your buddies, accept the challenge, and level up your characters. Be a leader and a shooter! 

5- MazeMilitia: LAN, Online Multiplayer Shooting Game   

So, at the bottom of the list, we have MazeMilitia, a multiplayer game. A shooting game featuring high-octane multiplayer action! MAZE MILITIA is a full-fledged, feature-rich LAN and online multiplayer shooting game. The unique aspect of this is that you will have the option of changing the sensitivity levels, which will allow you to play more smoothly during combat. Check out some Android Games for a better experience.

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