Best Diamond Sword Enchantments in Minecraft!  

Minecraft Diamond Sword

Minecraft is a popular game that has been around for a little more than a decade in which you engage with creatures, build the world around you, and craft stuff from resources. In addition, you can enchant objects in the game.

At the different levels of the Minecraft game, the players will need to build the different items by using blocks to move ahead in the game. When it comes to Minecraft World, every single player just wants to get the diamonds which is very important in the game. With the help of diamond ores, players can be able to craft several things such as Armor, weapons, and also other tools of Minecraft. If you are looking for a way to create the diamond sword in Minecraft then check out the complete guide right here.   

Where to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?  

Are you a beginner or you don’t know where to find Minecraft diamonds? You don’t need to worry because here you will get a way to find diamonds easily. For obtaining diamonds in Minecraft, you will need to find the caves and ravines first. Caves and ravines are the places where you can get the required number of diamonds to make your things. You will get to see these diamonds in the lower part of the space. If you are below level 15 then only you can obtain diamonds because above level 15, diamonds cannot be obtained. Read below to find out the ways of making a Diamond sword in Minecraft.  

Best Diamond Sword Enchantments of Minecraft  

1- Sharpness  

The sharpness is known as the best and main enchantment in the Minecraft world that you can use to make a sword. Especially a diamond one, that Minecraft players can have. When using the sword, the sharpness of enchantment enhances the quantity of physical damage a player gives to a mob.   

Above the table of enchanting anything in Minecraft, you will be able to find out this enchantment in the world of Minecraft. Sharpness has a maximum enchantment level of five.  

Players will need to find out the enchantment table first then can make the bookshelves to strengthen the enchantments over the table and boost their chances of attaining Sharpness five.  

2- Mending  

Mending is considered the important enchantment of Minecraft that any player can use to make several sorts of enchantments.  This enchantment leverages the experience gained by mining, smelting goods, slaying creatures, and other activities in the Minecraft world to restore the resilience of any Minecraft item.  

This item can be a thing that you will not be going to find more times in the game during the gaming journey. Like the enchanting books of Minecraft, mending is also one of the rare items in Minecraft. The Minecraft players can only use an anvil to apply this enchantment.  

Such kinds of items are important in Minecraft to craft for swords because the Minecraft Players can be able to use them frequently, and mending will repair them while they are in use. Now the Minecraft Players will not need to think more for the sword to get a break.  

3- Looting  

What is the best Minecraft sword enchantment? According to many, the best enchantment for sword in Minecraft is a tie between looting and unbreaking. Unbreaking is still useful but not necessary if players have healing loaded on their swords.  

If you will be able to kill the foes, the looting enchantment boosts all the loot that you drop before. When you will be able to kill the ender man with a sword that can loot, the mob will drop extra ender pearls. 

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