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Best PC Games

On the Google Play Store, you may find thousands of Android games. But don’t you believe it’s tough to find genuine gems? Yes, it appears to be a challenging task. Furthermore, it’s humiliating to find a game boring right after downloading it. As a result, I decided to put up a list of the most popular Best PC Games. If you want to spend your free time playing Android games, I believe this will be of great assistance to you.  

Best Games That Are Playing by Players in 2022  

I’ve chosen ten of the most popular Android games for the list based on their number of downloads and good ratings. To understand the genre and type of game, read the features briefly next to the exact description of each game. I choose these Android games from a variety of genres, including war games, classic games, farm management games, fun games, racing games, and so on. I hope you’ll be able to find the game you’re looking for shortly.  

A. Clash of Clans Game  

Clash of Clans is a strategy game that pits players against one other. I’m assuming you’ve already played Clash of Clans, a popular Android game. This is a game that you must play if you haven’t before. This is essentially a battle strategy game. You can form your clan here, led by a team leader known as the Clan Leader. You can also be the clan’s leader. However, if you want to be more detailed, you can look into the game’s unique characteristics.  

B. Hay Day Game  

Hey-Day Do you want to turn your company into a village? If you answered yes, then download Hay Day, one of the most popular Android games. The goal of the game is to keep a large number of items in your pucca village. You may decorate and modify your community with your design. Plus, as time passes, you can transform it into a developing city. But let’s explore what more it has to offer.  

C. Candy Crush Game  

Candy-Crush-Saga Candy Crush Saga is yet another incredibly popular classic game. It is so popular that individuals of all ages, including small children, enjoy playing it. Again, the gaming strategies are straightforward. This game necessitates your strong intellect.  

D. Angry Birds Classic Game  

Angry-Birds-Classic Angry Birds is now more than just a game on Android; it’s a brand. This is yet another popular Android game, and it’s difficult to find somebody who hasn’t played it. If you are one of them, I am confident that you will soon begin to appreciate it. This is an extremely addicting game. Some of the birds will be enraged and possess exceptional abilities. These birds can be used to tear down fences and free other birds.  

E. Sonic Dash Game  

Sonic-DashNow, if you’re looking for a new way to play the running and running game, meet Sonic Dash. Save the protagonist, Sonic, or his companions from different obstacles in the game. It’s hard, and you’ll become addicted to it quickly. Also included are great graphics and a plethora of fantastic features in this fantastic game.  

F. Subway Suffer Game  

Subway Surfers is a fun Android game to play, and if you’re seeking a decent refreshment game, Subway Surfers can suit your needs. It’s a leaping and dodging game with an interesting environmental interface that changes as you progress through new levels. Sometimes all you need is a game that gives you a sense of accomplishment without being stressed. It quickly becomes one of the most popular Android games after its release.  

G. Township Game  

Say hello to Township, a new filmmaking game. It is equally great for both females and boys, youngsters and adults. You can construct your farm and factory here. Because there is a social network involved, you can also connect with other gamers.  

H. Fruit Ninja Game  

Fruit Ninja is the most popular arcade game on PC. It’s all about chopping the fruits; none of them will materialize unless you remember to do so. It is a jewel, and you will find it to be a stress reliever. It’s so addicting and challenging that you’ll quickly fall in love with it.  

I. Super Mario Run Game  

Super-Mario-Run Actually, this is an ancient Mario game that has been resurrected as Sper Mario Run for Android. People enjoy it as usual, and it quickly becomes one of the most popular Android games. So, I suppose you might try that as well. Because it has been upgraded with many new features to eliminate previous flaws. So, with Super Mario Run, you can be nostalgic about Mario’s most recent appearance.  

J. Bad Land Game  

If you’re visiting Badlands, arm yourself with Bad Land Game, an award-winning action-adventure game. It is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your leisure time. It features great graphics and a fantastic atmosphere. This was named Game of the Year for its outstanding support across all mobile platforms. 

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