How Many Enchantments a Minecraft Sword Have?  

Swords are possibly the most important weapon in Minecraft, as well as one of the most solid skirmish weapons. You’ll be able to make a dependable wooden sword to begin your journey with right away. In Minecraft, how many Enchantments can a sword have? We have compiled a list of the Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft for your convenience. Read all of the information provided below.

Best Sword Enchantments

Swords will accompany you from wood to Netherite, from having nothing to owning everything in Minecraft. If you’re reading this, it implies you’re already familiar with almost all charms. So we won’t bother you with the details any longer. Let’s see how many charms a sword can have in 2021. Stay tuned for a list of the best charms for swords in Minecraft.

How Many Enchantments can a Minecraft Sword Have?  

In Minecraft, there is no real limit to how many charms you can make for your sword. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to pack every single charm within the amusement to the brim or anything else. Each weapon, tool, or armor has a unique set of charms that they all share. For example, you will be able to charm a pickaxe with Fortune, but not a sword or a bow.

A certain number of their quarrels, which means you’ll only be able to apply one to your thing. At that point, the charms are compatible with one another.  Let’s look at the trident as an example. You can’t reforge your trident with Riptide or Loyalty after you’ve charmed it with Channeling. The same is true for swords. That’s the meat and potatoes of Minecraft’s endearing mechanics.

List of 10 Enchantments Available for Sword in Minecraft  

Bane of Arthropods  

Curse of Vanishing  

Fire Aspect  






Sweeping Edge  


In reality, you cannot enchant a sword with all ten enchantments. According to the most recent amusement run the show 2022, you can fortify a sword in Minecraft with up to 8 charms, including Revile of Vanishing, because charms like Bane of Arthropods, Destroy, and Sharpness are incompatible.

Best Enchantments for Minecraft Sword  

Here’s what you’ll need to create the ultimate weapon in Minecraft. They are the most popular sword charms in 2022.

Sharpness V/Smite V/Bane of Arthropods V  

What is the first step? Choose whether your sword should have Sharpness, Destroy, or Arthropod Bane. The following information may be useful in making a decision: For everyday use, sharpness is ideal.

It increases the damage of scuffle weapons like swords and tomahawks. At level 5, this charm increases the damage of your sword by 3 focuses (Java Edition).

Smite deals additional damage to undead mobs. If you’re fighting a swarm of Zombies, this is usually the one to use.

Arthropod Bane offers rewards for causing harm to arthropod swarms (insects, cave creepy crawlies, bees, silverfish, and endermites). Unless you’re going for a creepy-crawly farm, this is usually not a good choice.

The Enchanting Table isn’t the best place to charm your items. It only gives out random charms, and your chances of getting a high-level one are extremely slim. So, instead of using Enchanted Books to obtain the best and highest-leveled charms in Minecraft, use Enchanted Books.

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