Call of Duty Most Prominent Characters  

We remember the best and most memorable characters From Infinite Warfare to Modern Warfare, in Call of Duty’s campaign mode history. From Advanced Fighting to Boundless Fighting, you’ll find all of the most popular Call of Duty characters on this site.

Call of Duty Characters

There are currently 17 separate games in the Call of Obligation establishment, spanning conflicts from World War II to the distant future. Each modern segment introduces a new cast of personalities for you to get to know, with some being far more important than others.

With innumerable various diversions making up this long-running arrangement, each title delivers a new group of characters for you to play and also bond with. Throughout the establishment’s history, there have been a few remarkable characters. Within this revamped list, we’ll take a second, larger look at the most prominent characters in Call of Duty history, including characters from across the franchise.

List of 10 Most Prominent Characters in Call of Duty  

Gary “Roach” Sanderson  

The protagonist of Modern Fighting 2, you’ll play as Gary Sanderson for most of the game, collaborating with characters like Cleanser MacTavish and Phantom on various missions. Despite never speaking, Sanderson has remained one of the game’s most beloved playable characters.

Jason Hudson  

He is most known for the scandalous remark, “The numbers, artisan, also what do they mean?” Hudson has been a consistent presence throughout the Dark Ops series, first appearing in the first game as Alex Mason’s tough-talking C.I.A handler.

Farah Ahmed Karim  

Farah quickly established herself as one of the most intriguing characters in the 2019 Cutting edge Fighting revival. She is the Urzikstan Freedom Drive’s Driving Commander and also collaborates with members of Assignment Drive 141 in order to liberate her country from Roman Barkov.

Ronald “Red” Daniels  

WWII was a contentious diversion, but its campaign was well-received, with Ruddy becoming a somewhat well-known character. Ronald Daniels is the hero of Sledgehammer’s COD WWII and also a member of the United States Armed Forces 16th Infantry unit, which plays a role in the liberation of Europe. 

Frank Woods  

He’s a character who knows how to take care of himself. Frank Woods is also a favorite of the vast majority of Call of Duty players. He’s one of the most prominent characters in Dark Ops Il, serving as a narrative for a few campaign missions following Bricklayer’s rescue. 

Raul Menendez  

Menendez is a three-dimensional guy also with a good justification for the or perhaps extreme behaviors he engages in. Raul Menendez is one of the establishment’s finest lowliness. Not like many of the other reprobates who create. 

Vladimir Makarov  

Makarov, the most powerful reprobate in the Call of Obligation system, manages to be despised by admirers of the arrangement, which was the main basis for his function.

Alex Mason  

Alex Bricklayer has one of the most unusual tales in Call of Obligation’s history. This is why he is such a beloved character among Dark Ops fans.

David Mason  

David Artisan, Alex Mason’s son, is another example of Call of Obligation doing heroes right. His tale in Dark Ops II deals with a variety of issues. After the detour, his reunion with his father may be a genuine tearjerker.

General Shepherd  

Not every outstanding character should be regarded as a legend. Indeed, in the world of Call of Obligation, the Common Shepherd is the idealized representation of it. Fans love him because of his villainy, not because of it.

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