Top 10 Android Games To Play Like GTA 5   

Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto 5 in 2013. Regardless, it has yet to be made available for mobile phones. GTA 5 drew a lot of criticism right after it was released. The unique gameplay that unfolded from the perspectives of the three protagonists, on the other hand, was mostly well-received. GTA fans would appreciate having the game on their phones because of the fantastic maps, great assortment of planes, chases, scuba diving, and multiplayer option. Xbox Pass or PlayStation Inaccessible Play can be used to access GTA 5 on mobile devices. Check out the best Android games like Grand Theft Auto.

Android Games like GTA

Other open-world games, such as GTA 5, are available on the Play Store in the meanwhile. This article focuses on the most notable ones.

Games like GTA 5 on Android Devices  

A) GTA Vice City  

It would be unjustified not to include Bad Habit City, given the origins and also bequest of the GTA diversions. In 2012, the game was made available on Android devices. It is currently available for download for 120 dollars on the Google Play Store.

B) GTA San Andreas  

San Andreas is a popular game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The game is set in Los Santos and San Andreas and is centered on Carl Johnson. GTA 5 is set in the same places as GTA 4, therefore there is a strong resemblance between the two games.


GTA III, the predecessor to GTA Bad habit City, is set in Freedom City (a clever clone of Unused York City) and stars Claude as the protagonist. GTA III is distinguished from the rest of the GTA franchise by its simple characters and also lack of humor.

D) Gangster Vegas: World of Crime  

The setting for this TPS activity game is in Las Vegas. Examine the limitless outline with automobiles, trucks, and also even ships. It is available to players for free.

E) Gangster Rio: The City of Saints  

Within the Gangstar franchise, Gangstar Rio was most likely the most popular title. The open layout allows players to explore Rio de Janeiro as they complete objectives and also rank up.

F) GTA Chinatown Wars  

Chinatown Wars, in particular, lends itself to a wide range of gadgets. The plot follows Huang Lee, the hero of Freedom City. Rockstar’s ridicule, as well as the underused storyline, will be revered by fans.

G) Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld  

The most recent Gangstar game for Android devices was released in 2017. Players can use a massive network of transportation to traverse a massive map of Unused Orleans, amass insane weapons stockpiles, and also build their evil empire.

H) GTA Liberty City Stories  

This game has been remastered for Android devices. GTA Freedom City Stories continues Toni Cipriani’s journey in a gang-infested city, but with a new look and shorter tasks.

I) Payback 2  

Payback 2 picks up when the GTA sees a package. With everything from road wars to helicopter races, the sandbox packs a powerful punch. Payback 2 is a completely free game.

J) Gangs Town Story  

The outline and background will immediately give gamers a ‘GTA feel.’ The goal is to obliterate the wrongdoing scene and expand the zone. Road wars, racing, and other wrongdoings are all part of the missions. You’ll also receive graphics similar to the finest GTA Graphics Mods. The game Groups Town Story is completely free to play.

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