Guide for long war Game – Some Important Tips to win

The long war is often made in partial conversion mode or an online video game developed by Johnny lump and released on 4 January 2013. This game win lots of heart from all over the world and long war at a significant number of new soldier classes ability weapons farmers and usable items which made this game very interesting, because after the first launch company understand its popularity and start working on its update soon this game launches its update was under the latest release of an update for son is 28 December 2015.

But today also this game movie in a lot of heart and everyone plays in their divisor if you want to understand some tips to play this game more beautifully then you are in the right place below we provide you some tips which you need to follow to change your gameplay.


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long war tips

Longwar’s main focus is a massive overhaul of strategy. This is an action-strategy game but the complexity comes in a variety of corners of this game which makes it more interesting. Still, we provide you with some tips which help you understand the best way to complete all the missions of this game.

  • Intelligence is key

Aise hi earlier said that this scheme is a strategy action game. In a long war expansion is far more beautiful to your success and ignoring it for long can I have dire consequences. Hindi scam intelligence is one of the best things where you should focus when you manage your initial resistance having to focus all your starting rebels on the Intel job. This game will accomplish a few important things – it gives your best chance to detect your mission early and gives you plenty of opportunities to gain resources and enough time to approach your mission.

  • Expand your land

This is another important strategy that you should keep in your mind while playing. In log war expansion is far more important to your success, and this will ignore it for too long can have dire consequences. Setting up a haven in new regions will allow you to start performing the intel job there, this opening up a whole new area of potential missions you can detect the infiltrates. So, developing new heaven is important to scaling up your supply.

  • Go hard and fast or smooth and sneaky

This is another one of the most important tips which should keep in mind by almost all players – In a long war, you are planning your missions before any boots hit the ground. It is important to take a good look at the mission type before preparing a strategy, but once you are preparing then keep in mind that you should choose a hard and fast or smooth and sneaky combo to complete this mission.

Knowing when a mission is fundamentally unwinnable then try to make a strategy that simply misses out on a reward but loses an entire squad because of your greed.


If you read all about IPS and understand that you need to make proper strategy set the proper speed and try to expand your land to win this game if you think all the information will be given in this article provides you with complete help then do not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comments below.

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