Mandy Takhar Punjabi Actress Viral Video


Viral video of Punjabi actress Mandy Takhar giving oral pleasure to a man is circulating on the internet, which has left many people. But after analyzing the content closely, it was clear to us that the video is morphed.

In the video, the girl wearing a lehenga with lace is actually not someone else but Mandy Takhar.

The full-length video clip was uploaded to an adult website about 3 days ago and since then several short clips of the video are literally reaching everyone’s cellphones.

Mandy Takhar
Mandy Takhar

We reported about this video yesterday and were in a dilemma as to whether the actress in the video is indeed Mandy and we are completely relieved to confirm that it is not her.

Female celebrities are an easy target for such online practices and many famous names such as Shraddha Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and others have fallen prey to such morphed videos. In recent times, Uppum Mulkum actress Juhi Rustagi lodged a complaint to the Director General of Police, Kochi about the prevalence of her designed photographs and pornographic videos on social media.

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Amidst this scandal, what came before us as a total shock is the fact that the actress chose to remain silent. Why can’t women take a stand for themselves and speak outside? Recently, Sonam Bajwa became a victim of cyber fraud, but decided to take a stand and made everyone aware of the matter. But why couldn’t Mandy speak?

Born and raised in the UK, Mandy is an actress with a strong voice in the industry, but keeping Mamta in this position is not the right thing to do. A social media post informed his followers about this fake video and filed a complaint with the cyber cell, which was actually the right way to go, but alas!

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Anyway..where many people chose to hush themselves over this matter, here Team Rulecracker again confirmed the facts.