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Master full movie download tamilrockers direct link full hd
The master movie Thalapathi Vijay is most expected. The master movie should be released in April 2020. But all theaters are closed due to Corona. Recently the master teaser was released on YouTube and there was a huge response from all the fans. The master movie may be released on TamilRockers. If the site came back online. So everyone will download master movie from Tamil film.

Master Movie
  • Cast: Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi, Malavika Mohan, and many more.
  • Director: Lokesh Kanagaraj
  • Music: Anirudh Ravichander

Master teaser

The master teaser already breaks a lot of records in YouTube. The music is truly amazing, Anirudh is the lead music director who composes all the top actors right now. He did a fantastic job in this film too. You can also watch the master movie teaser for music only.

Vijay’s performance in the teaser

He did not utter a single word in the master teaser, he came throughout the teaser. But it is really nice to see. And Vijay Sethupathi speaks only one word in this teaser. It is also very good here. Obviously it is not a very big dialogue or nothing special. But the way of saying that dialogue is really good.

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She got a huge fan following in Tamil Nadu after Shani after the film Kathy. The screenplay is completely different from any Indian film. Each and every second is pleasant. The master movie may be released in April 2020 but was delayed due to Covid-19.

Vijay Sethupathi as Villain

He is a very good actor. He did not get enough opportunity to prove himself in the film Petta because there were many big actors in that film. But he and Vijay were the only big actors in the film Master. A dialogue of the teaser “Anta Vathi Oru Mari Manda Kulla Odit Irukan” received a huge response from the audience.

Must see in the theater

Master movie download: The teaser reached millions of views on the very first day itself. It is great to listen to music. The master film so far has nothing to specify wrongly. The story will be good after seeing the teaser. If you watch in the theater the music will give you a special treat. So do not download from TamilRockers.

Amazon Prime may have a master but you may need to wait for some time. You cannot download from the OTT site.

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Master release date

The master movie Pongal will be released in 2021. The movie team has already said that we will not release our movie in any OTT. Now the movie download website Tamilrockers is not opening the website, but other websites are still working they keep releasing the latest movies from OTT in the same release day.

Download master movie

What happened to Tamilrockers is a big mystery these days. But so far there is no official confirmation such as the most famous movie download website TamilTrokers is completely banned in any news channels. But many movie downloads or privacy websites are still releasing the latest movies such as TamilTrokers.

Master songs

Anirudh Ravichander has performed brilliantly in every of his films. He did an excellent job in Master also. He played in a song in the teaser (“They call me masterdrangle worm Tej”). That song is very good. You can download Guru songs from any other song or website.

Master movie background score

In the Master you can only watch for music. Vijay has a huge fan following already. Vijay Sethupathi also has a distinct fan base.

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Is it worth downloading from tamilrock or not?

I suggest everyone to go to the theater because we already spend a lot of time at home. Nowadays theater owners keep it very clean. So the download from TamilRockers or any site will not entertain you.

The clock in the big screen will give you a great experience.

Victory fan

If you are a fan of Vijay, you can go to the theater on the first show on the first day. But if your neutral fan means that you can leave after 2 days. Because the fans will be in a good mood. So they scream and enjoy each second. They will go a second time to understand the master’s story.

So I suggest neutral fans go to the theater after 2 days if you want to watch a master film without any noise or go to a good theater.

Visual treatment

This Pongal is a very good visual treat for all fans. Because Simbu movie Ishwaran is also releasing. He looks very young. So enjoy both movies in the theater.


This is a common story between a hero and a villain. Vijay Sethupathi’s father was killed by three people. He asked Vijaya Sethupathi who killed your family. For this he said that he died due to a gas leak. He sent Vijaya Sethupathi to Juvenile Correctional School.

After some years he started doing all criminal activities. Vijay Sethupathi wants to become a politician once upon a time.

Victory character in master

In the Theri film, Vijay acted like a teacher in a scene for the culprit. This film did the same thing. Think he acted like this in the film.

Vijay Sethupathi Character

She did not get enough opportunity to prove her acting skills in the film Petta. But he did a good job in this film. His role is similar to that of Peta China. Just imagine if Peta Chyna acted as the villain in the film.

Master VIJAY

Vijay’s name in the film is JD. JD means Jhon Durairaj. He is a professor in a college. Most students call him Master. That’s why the film’s name is Master.

College election

He faced some problems during the college elections, so he resigned from his job and went to Juvenile Corrective School.


Master Vijay wants all children to be good. Juvenile Corrective is taking all drugs inside the school. One day two children were killed by Arjun Das. Vijay gets angry and kills Bawani, that’s the rest of the story.


There is no love scene in the film. But actress Malvika Mohan likes Master JD. She wants to know what happened to Vijaya’s past. But until the end no one tells what happened in the past.

Arjun Das

He did a great job in the movie Kaithi. He also performed very well in Master, but Lokesh Bawani wants to pay more attention to the character. But there is no complaint in his acting. He has a very good future for his career.


She is the heroine of the master film but even Gauri has some good scenes. But he does not have enough visuals to prove his acting skills. He is just 10 plus one in the film.

Who is the Mass in Master?

Both performed very well in the film. Fans of both Vijaya and Vijay Sethupathi would like. JD always looks like under 30s. Lokesh Kannaraj gave equal roles to both.

Movie length too long?

Yes, the length of the film is slightly shorter than the normal film. But you won’t be too bored. But if you don’t like Vijay then you can get bored.

Can see Vijay Hayter Master?

If you are a fan of Anirudh then you can watch this movie in the theater, because all the songs and background music is really good. But the story is as usual only of Vijay film. So hating Vijay may not like the film.

This kayak is better than movie

Kathy Movie is a completely different film. There is no comparison between Kathy and the Master. This is just another Vijay film. So if you are a Vijay fan then you will like the film.

I will download from tamilrocker

The obvious answer is that you only watch all the movies on theaters or any OTT sites. If you still want to download movies for free then there are lots of downloading websites.