Meanings of refurbish in Hindi ? What is refurbish mobile 2021

What is refurbish mobile

Today, refurbished 4G Mobiles are being sold by big companies, from these companies you can also buy Refurbished iPhone and Refurbished Laptops . Amazon , Ebay , Snapdeal company is also providing Refurbished Mobiles in India .

If your keyboard is not working, you can buy Refurbished Keyboard from these companies for a low price , but before buying such refurbished products, it is important to know that it is beneficial or harmful for you. Today we will talk about it and will give you complete information about What does refurbished mean . So let us now know what is Refurbished Meaning and how can you use it.

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Meanings of refurbish in Hindi

  1. नया करना
  2. नए जैसा करना
  3. नवीकरण करना
  4. सजावट करना

Refurbished Meaning

Refurbished Mobiles are called those mobiles which have any type of malfunction and those mobiles are returned to the factory . If there is any defect in the phone then the customer gives it back to the company, after which the mobile is repaired by the company , it is checked and the mobile is completely fixed and sent back to them for sale. , It is called Refurbished Phones.
Due to this, refurbished phones are also cheaper than other mobiles, but they should be purchased carefully or else you may suffer from it. Refurbished Keypad Phones are also returned to the company, which you can buy if you want to buy.

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Precautions while buying Refurbished Mobiles

If you are taking Refurbished Mobiles then you should keep a few things in mind.

  • Before buying refurbished phones, see which company it belongs to. Buy refurbished phones from a good company .
  • Refurbished Mobiles come with warranty and are thoroughly tested and repaired. So make sure that accessories are provided with it or not.
  • Buy only by thoroughly checking its return policy, terms and conditions, warranty period and complete details of Refurbished Mobiles.
  • Do check the software in the phone, if no third party app is already installed.
  • Look at the phone’s launching date, do not buy an older phone.

Refurbished Grading

Refurbished Phones are also graded by the company when they are ready to sell.

  • Grade A – This grade includes phones that are just like new phones.
  • Grade B – These Refurbished Mobiles are also like some new phones but they are less scratchy and less damaged.
  • Grade C – By looking at phones of this grade, it can be easily detected that they have been used earlier, this phone can also be a bit bad.
  • Grade D – The phones that come in Grade D are more used, which look completely second hand.

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Refurbished Mobiles benefits

If you buy Refurbished Phones , then you also get some benefits from it which are given below.

  • Refurbished Mobiles Under 5000 can also be purchased for Rs. The best advantage of this is that they are available at a lower price.
  • A phone can be purchased just like a new mobile at a low price.
  • Like new phones, these mobiles are also guaranteed.

Refurbished Mobiles disadvantages

It is important to know about its disadvantages before buying refurbished phones. The disadvantages of Refurbished Phones are explained below.

  • If you are buying Refurbished Phones then there is no guarantee that along with this you will be given other tools like- Charger , Headphones etc.
  • Many times it happens that these phones also go bad again.
  • It does not come in original packaging. These are given in an ordinary box only.

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So friends, now you must have understood that Refurbished Ka Meaning Kya Hai , now whenever you buy Refurbished Mobiles, you will be easy to buy them. In this way you will be able to buy the phone of your choice for a low price. Keeping in mind the above mentioned precautions, you should buy refurbished products. Friends should also tell about this post to their friends and if the post is good, please press Like Button, thank you!