Miley Cyrus nude but making it fashion’ on a magazine cover

Miley Cyrus
Credit : Instagram Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus shared some photos of NSFW on her social media page posing nude for a magazine.

Miley Cyrus posed nude on the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine for the January 2021 issue. The controversial pop star stopped all this and turned a blind eye to social media. In a series of posts, Miley shared photos from the magazine with a Flabberg caption acclaimed by netizens. The singer-songwriter shared the magazine cover on her Instagram page and gave the caption stating, “AT LEAST I GIVE THE PAPERS SOMETHING THE CAN WRITE ABOUT. @Rolllingstone by @bradelterman.”

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During a conversation with Rolling Stone, Miley was asked about being affected by scrutiny on people’s bodies. To which he said, “I don’t remember if it hurt my feelings or not. I don’t remember if it’s really penetrating. I think I knew who I was going to be, but I Sure there’s something in it. ” I criticized the trauma of feeling like, what I felt was a very average teenager, early [20s] exploration. “

Miley Cyrus Nude Photos

Cyrus shared another photo wearing just black sheer stockings and grey knee-high boots. She wrote, “I’M COMPLETELY NAKED BUT I’M MAKING IT FASHION. @rollingstone by @bradelterman.”

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Talking about posing nude on the cover, Miley said, “I don’t even know if you can really be ashamed now. Is that even a thing? The media has really given me a long time Has not embarrassed me. “

In the interview, Hannah Montana Star also revealed that she takes her mental and physical health more seriously than before. The singer shared, “Someone said to me the other day, ‘I think of you as an independent bird that can’t be put down. I really don’t think so. I would feel so weighted and grounded Am. ” Free, but I feel responsible. I take my mental and physical health more seriously than ever. “