How to clear – Mistress of the ironwood ac Valhalla mission

If you were playing AC Valhalla and stuck in a stage where you are thinking about getting the roots in the mission of Ironwood Quest. Almost all players got stuck and had great trouble completing the mistress of the Ironwood quest mission in AC Valhalla. 

You get this mission, after completing the story of AC Valhalla Asgard and when you return after completing that mission, then Valka will ask you to add more herbs from another position and in search of some important herbs, your journey will start from the story or mission of mistress of the ironwood ac Valhalla, and to complete this mission you have to follow all the instructions which given below.

Mistress of the ironwood ac Valhalla mission

Where to bring the roots to Angrboda

If you are stuck in this mission of AC Valhalla, then you understand that you have to bring the roots to Angrboda. Once you fetch the herbs, you will be transported to Jotunheim. When you start this mission, you get your first quest in the mission of mistress of the Ironwood, and for this, you have to locate yourself in Angrboda.

Once you reach the area of Angrboda, you will find the mistress’s house. Eivor is a character who comments on the magic when you get closer. If you look at that quest area, you will notice a paved area with a circle of stones, and that is the right place.

The trick is to find that right place in this game is – you will see two deer skulls attached on the wooden posts when you reach near the stone circle. When you reach that stone circle, you will reveal the house and a tree ahead.

How do you find the waterfall?

Another mission of this game is to find the waterfall, and once you enter the house and speak to Angrboda, she will send you to collect some roots, which is another stage of completing this mission. This time you have to move towards the south from that circular stone area and climb at the top of the stone steps of that area.

When you climb to the top, you wil see two lit braziers, and then you will notice the area below that stone steps full of water. If you see two deer skulls, you have to reach there, and in the south direction, you have to climb to the top of that stone steps and see the last quest of this mission is also completed.

After that, you have to return to Angrboda at the house of mistress, and you have to hand over the roots you collect in the first stage, and after that, you will complete this mission.


If you reach this section, I think you read this article until the end, and now you can solve the quest of ironwood ac Valhalla. Keep in mind that there are two-stage in this mission, and if you follow all the instructions given above, you can complete this mission without any problem. At last, if you think this article provides you with complete information about ironwood ac Valhalla, don’t forget to share this article. If possible, leave your valuable comment below. 

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