Where Can You Find the Armoured Truck? 

Grand Theft Auto 5 has a lot of features, including some advanced ones. Have you ever considered what aspect of GTA 5 makes it the most well-known game on the planet? I’m not going to keep you waiting for long. Get your hands on a money truck location GTA 5 by checking out here to see if they will be effective or not. Let’s begin!

money truck locations gta 5

So, according to GTA 5’s massive fanbase, vehicles are the key reason for the game’s popularity. When it comes to this open-world game, there is a big collection of vehicles that we can buy and grab by following some in-game rules. Some players get confused while choosing the most powerful vehicle for their gameplay. You don’t need to worry because I have filtered out one of the best vehicles that you can use to boost the energy of your gameplay.  

Why Choose GTA 5 Truck?

I have seen so many videos and live streaming of many pro players and the thing that I noticed, again and again, is the pro players are using Truck most. Why do they prefer trucks to use in the big part of the gameplay? They choose GTA 5 truck because it is strong, heavy, and will protect you from the foes. If you are one of the GTA 5 players who are looking for a money truck location GTA 5 then check out the given information below.  

The spawning pattern of armored trucks 

The armored truck commonly called the Safety Vans throughout Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA Online holds a large sum of money in a suitcase. Players may earn a lot of money within the Armoured Truck, making it the most popular vehicle in the world of Grand Theft Auto. Nevertheless, after taking the truck and its contents, you must prepare to be pursued by police and earn a 2-star rating or above. 

The Grand Theft Auto 5 armored vehicle, unlike most vehicles, does not burst when dropped from a significant height. Any money dropped will be refunded if the truck is blown up. The spawned vehicle will gradually contra from the map unless someone attacks it. 

When armored vehicles appear? 

Armored vehicles appear on the map at random intervals of 10 minutes or more in GTA 5. When you attack another vehicle, they have a higher chance of spawning. It’s also worth mentioning that armored vehicles don’t show in a vacant public session. They appear far more frequently in games with a big number of gamers. 

Locations for Grand Theft Auto Trucks 

The Armored Truck can be found in nine distinct locations. The target is immediately identifiable on the mini-map as a tiny green and white symbol. The following are all Armored Truck locations in Grand Theft Auto 5: 

  • Gas Station Globe Oil 
  • Ramp at Del Perro 
  • Flats of Cypress 
  • El Rancho Boulevard is a street in El Rancho, California. 
  • Little Seoul (around the Asian shopping plaza or on the outskirts of the city) is a neighborhood in Seoul. 
  • Plucker of Fortune 
  • Paleto Bay Market is a market in Paleto Bay, California. 
  • The canals that go through the middle of Los Santos 
  • San Andreas Avenue is a street in San Francisco. San Andreas Avenue is a street in San Francisco. 

How do you attack the armored truck? 

When it comes to robbery in GTA Trucks, it is a little difficult because they are moving targets with two guards. A vehicle will also assign you a two to three-star wanted level upon destruction, resulting in immediate action from the LSPD. 

These are some information that will be going to help you in grabbing Armoured Trucks of Grand Theft Auto 5. just read each tip carefully and make your gameplay even more interesting.

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