New Deltarune Chapter 2 screenshot revealed

The new screenshot of Chapter 2 of Tobey Fox’s Deltarune was released in a recent issue of Femitsu to celebrate Undertale’s 5th anniversary.

Deltarune Chapter 2

This year marks the 5th anniversary of Toby Fox’s critically acclaimed game, Undertale. In addition, the new screenshot of Undertale’s sequel, Deltarune, has been released in the recent issue of Famitsu magazine.

Deltarune was originally released as a demo only on Chapter 1 back on Halloween of 2018. Since then, fans have been waiting for future updates and more about the chapter from Toby Fox and his small team.

Development updates waiting for the players have finally come with the above issue of Family magazine. It devoted an entire section to the Japanese magazine Anniversary Deltarune with new screenshots of the in-development second chapter for Undertale.

These new screenshots show the territory of a new city that Toby Fox has already shown on his Twitter, new enemies, and a preview of all three party members returning from Chapter 3. The only difference is with Ralsey, who has taken off his hat, corresponding to the end of Chapter 1.

One of the screenshots features Krrish, Susie and Ralsey in doctor-themed outfits as well as medical-themed weapons. This could possibly be used for a specific section of the upcoming chapter 2 or possibly an unlockable costume for party members.

According to Femitsu, Toby Fox has completed most of the game design work for all of Deltarune’s chapters, with all the Katakasine dialogues at least in the first draft. Additionally, work on Chapter 2 is progressing faster than the development of Chapter 1.

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Some fans may worry that Toby Fox’s words are not sure about how many years of development Deltarune will need. Because of this, he has advised fans to forget him and Deltarune instead of waiting for its release. Fox has additionally stated that he is the most hypnotized person for the final release of Deltarune.

Overall, Toby Fox is confident that Deltarune will develop smoothly, but fans need to be patient for its release. However, these recent screenshots are sure to excite those who have lost all hope of Deltarune’s completion.