Nurgle of 40K – The strongest Chaos God

Nurgle is known as Plague Lord or Chaos God means this name is a symbol or a fictional creature which consider a god of disease, decay, death, and destruction. This character is from a fictional universe of Warhammer 40,000. This Warhammer 40K is popularly known as a table-top game in which two armies fight with each other. This game will be played using dice to decide what will the next move of armies.

Well, this game becomes so popular in the early 20s and Nurgle is a famous character of this game. This character grew with a mindset of a single survivalist and that’s why this character kills everyone in that game.

If you want to know more about this character then you are in the right place, just stick with this article until the end and you get complete information about Nurgle.


History of Nurgle

He is one of the four chiefs of the Chaos Gods. These aliens are just an object of worship in fictional stories. This character was born from the mortal reactions of heavy death and suffering, and he is responsible to manage the eternal cycle of creation and destruction.

While he is a horrifying creature but in contrast, these horrifying gods are very jovial and friendly. His care to followers gives him the name of Papa or Grandfather.

Why was Nurgle called Papa?

This character has a very lovely nature and he like his victims, the way he loves victims is close to a loving grandfather that’s why we call it Papa Nurgle or Grandfather Nurgle. It was the 2nd Millennium in Terra’s European Middle Ages when great fights will happen which swept the world in plagues and deaths which leads to the god’s birth.

The story of Warhammer 40K is based on Terra’s European Middle Age fight and this Plague God is born due to that situation. In this chaos, God is directly involved with some particular species that has fear of death. While he is also a god of rebirth and in short we can say that in the fictional universe of Warhammer this character is an important part of the life cycle because he controls death.

However, those who wish to spread decay and corruption are the main followers of Nurgle. You can observe that it is the lord of decay and disease whose body is full of wracked and different diseases but on other hand, the god is full of unexpected energy and desire to organize and enlighten. 

Is Nurgle evil in 40K?

Yes, Nurgle’s looks and appearance are of villain but despite evil nature, Nurgle is considered as the most paternal of chaos. He looks at every chaos with the eyes of his parents, he thinks death and chaos are important but he also watches over his followers. He is a very twisted god whose blessings are hazardous in the best condition.

 What is the gender of the Nurgle?

This is one of the famous characters of Warhammer 40K fiction in which he is considered as a God of Death, The Plague Lord, and due to his caring nature for his victims and followers he gets the name of “Papa” and “Grandfather”, and after lots of stories and sources his gender is not confirmed.

He has no true gender but is often referred to as male, and he is a nice guy.

Who is the most powerful chaos God?

As I said earlier that he is one of the four prime chaos gods, and if we compare all gods then we can’t say any name directly because there was a time in the story when one after another brother will temporarily be strongest, but Khorne is the one who always is strong in all stories and in all situations Khorne is the only chaos god which never seen in a weak position.

But keep in mind that all four chaos god is written at a different time but Khorne is the oldest chaos god and we can say that he is the most strong because there is no situation when Khorne become weak.


So, there are four chaos gods in Warhammer 40K game and stories collection, and if you read this article until the end then I think you understand lots of information about Nurgle. If this article provides you complete information about this popular fictional chaos god with all your questions then do not forget to share this article and if possible then leave your valuable comment below.

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