Outfits and Vigilante Guide for GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City

Except for a few restrictions, players in GTA Vice City have complete freedom to do whatever they want. As a result, the majority of them engage in criminal activities and cause havoc wherever they go. However, it would be inaccurate to say that GTA Vice City does not provide opportunities to do good, as users can become police officers and fight injustices in this game. 

In GTA Vice City, how do you become a cop and complete Vigilante missions? 

GTA Vice City

1- Purchasing the cop outfit 

Officers from the Vice City Police Department wear the cop uniform in the game. It consists of a light brown shirt, a white T-shirt, brown slacks, and brown shoes and is available at the Washington Beach Police Station. 

This uniform can be unlocked and worn during the “Cop Land” mission, in which Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance thieve VCPD outfits from two cops. In No Escape, Tommy can also reshape into one after infiltrating the Columbia Beach Police Office to capture Cam Jones. 

GTA Gamers can enter the Washington Beach Police Station while wearing the suit without attracting police attention, but any other infraction will result in a wanted status. People can also enter Fort Baxter Air Base without trying to draw military attention, though assaulting soldiers will result in retaliatory attacks. As a result, having a cop uniform is useful in the game regardless of what users do with it. 

2- How to Begin Vigilante Missions in Grand Theft Auto Vice City? 

The Vigilante side missions are vehicle missions that can find in almost all 3D Universe games, as well as Grand Theft Auto 4 and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Gamers must track down and murder the designated targets within a set time limit. 

Players can engage in Vigilante missions while in a Law Enforcement vehicle at any time when they are not in the middle of a mission. During these missions, they do tasks with pursuing and executing criminals in various locations throughout the city, even in GTA Vice City. 

Users must first obtain a police vehicle and track down their first target. However, once the missions begin, they must not stop till the end of all missions. If they fail or quit, they will return to the first level, so gamers must plan ahead of time to ensure they have enough time to complete this task. They must complete over 12 levels to complete the mission. 

3- In GTA Vice City, completing all Vigilante mission levels 

Vigilante missions in Grand Theft Auto Vice City are notoriously difficult. The difficulty increases with each of the 12 levels. When players reach level 12, they will face up to a dozen crooks spread across three cars. Their locations are highlighted on their map, making it easy for users to find them. 

They can’t even stay in their car for more than a minute before the mission ends.If they don’t kill the enemy quickly, they’ll run out of time, or new cars will spawn for the enemies. 

It is very clear that this mission is not easy to do. The best way to approach it is to equip a powerful weapon that deals heavy damage or begin missions with a fast police car, such as the VCPD Cheetah or the Hunter. When you complete the level then you will be able to get the reward, as well as a new achievement known as “Running Rampant.”

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