Pain and Gain Exotic quest – Destiny 2

The quest for pain and gain in Destiny 2 is an experience that introduces new players to the world and provides a fun moment for the veterans. This is a relatively short quest that should not take more than 20 minutes to complete, and finally an alien weapon is the reward!

Pain and Gain Exotic quest

Pain and Gain
Pain and Gain Exotic quest – Destiny 2

Pain and Gain is an alien quest added to Destiny 2 with Shadowism. This is a short mission that takes players back to the Cosmodrome to help new players defeat Fallen Walker in the divide. The reward for completing this quest is a risker and his alien catalist – one of the many exotic catalists in Destiny 2.

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To begin the quest, go to the Banshee-44 in the tower and accept your mission.

Joy in Suffering

The first step in pain and gain is happiness called grief. The move requires players to complete three activities: the Lost Sector at EDZ, any heroic public events and a nightfall strike. These should be relatively easy to complete.

If you are troubled by nightfall, try to gain more power by completing activities that reward powerful gear tiers.

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Risk / reward

Next up is the risk / reward part of the search. The move returns players to the Cosmodrome to fight the Devil Walker. This is the same area where New Light players fight along the way to assemble their first ship. Open Director and select Earth, then the blue banner that reads Risk / Reward.

You will need to defeat the three Fallen Captains, who are all in the buildings around Walker. When all three die, defeat the walker.

When the Walker explodes, you’ll need to head to the breech looking for a closed door. Continue through the wall and into the jumping puzzle. The goal is to pass through the chase to the opposite end. Cross your path using various platforms and pipes, so as not to sneeze by the cones.

There will be a workspace with a picture of the chicken at the end of the jumping puzzle. Assemble the conductors on the table to unlock your risker. Now, drop the giant pipe in the next room and defeat the Fallen using your new weapon.

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Go to Banshee-44

Pain and Gain The final stage in the overseas quest is to visit the Banshee-44 in the Tower. This is the last moment between you and Banshi-44, where you can tell him something about your dear friend Ked-6.